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UBF President attacks FUFA over NCS Funds

Moses Muhangi

Uganda boxing federation (UBF) President Moses Muhangi has attacked the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) over alleged claim of Shs10bn from National Council of sports (NCS) coffers for this financial year. In an opinion circulated by Muhangi titled: ‘My opinion over Fufa planned robbery of 10bn sports Funds from Uganda government’, Muhangi expressed discontentment over Fufa claim of Shs10bn from NCS out of the reported Shs27 budget allocation to sports. Muhangi’s opinion reads: “Am against this idea of FUFA claiming that they deserve 10bn from the 27bn budget approved for sports in Uganda for the financial year Fufa claims that it’s the most successful sport in Uganda BUT I ask myself what does success mean in sport? Success means you have won trophies, medals etc or you have been able to effectively represent Uganda in various championships at all stages i.e regional, AFRICA and world stage Fufa has never won a trophy or a medal for Uganda at an African or world stage, neither does fufa represent Uganda in those stages effectively, so what is successful about FUFA to deserve 10bn???? If it’s about sports fans, we must understand that it’s only the Uganda cranes that have fans but most fufa clubs have no fans… We in boxing have huge fans at all levels of boxing, so what is the success that Fufa is talking about??? I hereby encourage and request national council of sports to carefully handle this matter otherwise it will spark off a bigger problem

There must be a clear ration of how different sports are given funding from government but certainly the way fufa is asserting.”

Muhangi Moses
Uganda boxing federation


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