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UBF’s Muhangi petitions NCS over ‘unfair’ resource distribution

Moses Muhangi

Finally Uganda boxing federation (UBF) President Moses Muhangi has officially shared his sentiments with National Council of Sports (NCS) after outing a series of personal opinions on the matter. In a letter dated 12/02/2019, addressed to the Ag NCS Secretary General Dr. Bernard Patrick Ogwel, Muhangi expressed his dissatisfaction against the intended budgetary allocation of Shs10bn to FUFA in the financial year 2018/19. Muhangi alleges that FUFA has been receiving Shs2bn quarterly which enables them to organise activities, hire marketing personnel to attract private sector, support their secretariat among others. “If this Shs2bn was given to any federation at quarterly basis as the case of FUFA, I can guarantee you they would even do a way better job. I am however, astonished by the claim by FUFA to be allocated UGX 10bn, National Council to retain 3.4bn for her administrative functions and the remaining 4bn to be shared among the 47 federations, from the 17.4bn sports budget from government in coming financial year 2019/20,” Muhangi writes in the three-page document copied to the Chairman NCS, Minister of state for sports, UBF General Secretary and federations of various sports. He further says that FUFA wishes to take 66% of the national funding meant for sports development on the premise that they are the most popular sport in Uganda. “I clearly expressed that several sport disciplines have earned Uganda success at all divisions including having the top Africa and World rankings, have raised Uganda’s flag at all known World events that they have been part. Surprisingly, these sports disciplines still struggle for proper if not modern facilities and human resource. This cannot in anyway relate to FUFA’s 39 year struggle to only qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations, and cannot therefore be a basis for claiming the biggest share of the small funding at hand. For avoidance of doubt, FUFA has never won any championship at the continental level and neither have they ever participated in any world stage championship. FUFA also claims to have the huge numbers that normally attend the Uganda Cranes games engagements in Namboole can be used as a political capital to support the sitting government but there is no proof or guarantee of the same. Despite the fact that FUFA may have had a clear hand in ensuring that the state extends more funds in the sports sector, it cannot be a basis to claim 66% of the funds since this was not a FUFA “Handshake” of sorts but a directive to the responsible ministry to have such supplementary funding meant for sports development. FUFA claim is therefore unwarranted and uncalled for and a bully to all other federations,” Muhangi further asserts. The youthful leaders also tasked NCS to reflect on the 5 medals from Commonwealth in Australia last year and how a strategy can be laid to get more medals in the next championship as a country ‘rather than increasing funding to FUFA which has never given Uganda a medal since its existence.’

Muhangi quest from NCS

Despite his opinion meeting a lot of opposition from including some other federations, Muhangi reiterates that since the funds are from government and meant to foster NCS mandate in sports development as enriched under the NCS Act, it would prudent; that all sports disciplines he handled as front liners in the battle for sports development hence funding be increased and leveled by a given percentage as opposed to the unfair plea by FUFA, that a fair and equitable distribution of criterion of these funds be established so as to have a balanced and competitive sector in all sports disciplines, that the council start considering establishment of independent modern training facilities for priority sports and other disciplines out of the budget in a bid to create a more competitive sports sector throughout the country.


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