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UKF Lunches National Pro-Am Rankings Season


Uganda Kickboxing Federation (UKBF) has launched the National Pro-Am ranking Season. The launch was held on Thursday at Freedom City, Namasuba with the new season set to kick off on April 27 at the same venue. Two categories; Super Light Weight (31 fighters) and Super Light Welter Weight (22 fighters) will battle in the K1 style on the opening day. About 75 fights will be held on the opening day.  “National ranking of fighters is a strategic and practical step towards further professionalizing kickboxing in Uganda. In the past, fighters rated themselves without valid criteria,” UKF President, Patrick Luyooza told the media. The national ranking season will be held on a ‘series format’ and will be annual. It will also be used for determining national champions in both pro-am and professional categories in weight and style respectively using the elimination system before 10 champions are selected. The overall winners, first and second runners up will take home Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively as others wait for the following season. UKBF Organizing Secretary and National Coach Sadat Yiga is optimistic that this will be the best kickboxing experience to witness. Only five styles sanctioned by the UKBF will be used including; MMA, Low Kick, Full Contact, Muay Thai and K1. “I encourage players to practice every style and choose the one they can play best,” noted Luyoza, who also revealed that professional fighters will be added into the mix during the third series. Professional players that have international rankings will not be ranked again.  All participants will be formally profiled and their data will be uploaded on the UKBF’s website going forward. To achieve success, UKBF has partnered with Freedom City and National Council of Sports (NCS).


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