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Misagga attacks Fufa over FSLL constitution

FUFA 3rd Vice President Justus Mugisha led the federation representatives

By Our Reporter

Fufa super league limited (FSLL) share holders, also the 16 premier league clubs, plus FUFA as ‘a special interest’ share holder sat last Tuesday at Namboole stadium board room to review the constitutional amendment draft.

Nyamityobora’s Ben Misagga and Bright Stars’ Ronnie Mutebi reportedly signed under protest

In the official circular sent out to the media by the FUFA Super League head of communications Gordon Mundeyi, the ‘members (share holders) extended the mandate of FUFA Super League board up to July 2019 after the expiry of the earlier extension. The members  had in September last year given the board six months extension to allow harmonization of the company documents and prepare for the election of new board –which could not be realized within the time frame. “Thank you for giving us a second mandate; this proves you have confidence in us to drive the league to success. We promise to finish the process of harmonizing our documents in time to allow for vibrant and professional election in the next few months,” noted Arinaitwe Rugyendo, the FSLL Board chairman. According to the document, “a few concerns were raised by some of the members (shareholders) but overall guided by the legal counsel Alex Luganda and FUFA Lawyer Denis Lukambi. The amendments to the FSLL MEMARTS were adopted pending final copy ready for signing by the share holders in due course.” According to sources, four clubs including Nyamityobora, Maroons, Bright Stars and Police signed the amendments in protest after being defeated by the majority vote. According to Eng. Ben Misagga, the Nyamityobora president, it is conflict of interest for FUFA as a regulator to at the same time be a member of the company which they ought to regulate. “FUFA should remain the regulator and should just supervise the affairs of the company,” he suggests. Pepper Sport has learned that the assembly agreed to have both FUFA and FSLL (Chairman) as principle signatures on the account, Uganda premier league (UPL) CEO is to be appointed by FSLL as opposed to current situation where FUFA appoints, the chairman board will also be elected by the assembly and not as of now where he is appointed by FUFA. However, FUFA retains the veto powers to vet the proposed names for UPL CEO and FSLL Chairman and a member with special interest. This clause (special share holder) and many others are what prompted the four clubs to sign the amendments under protest after being beaten by the majority. The quartet clubs needed full independence of FSLL from FUFA in order for members (clubs) to independently determine their mode of administration and management.


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