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Risky stony hockey pitches at Fresh Dairy games limit players potential

SMACK hockey team after beating St Charles Lwanga, Kasasa 7-0 on Wednesday at Mbale SS

Schools partaking in hockey competition of the ongoing Fresh Dairy secondary schools championship at Mbale SS have decried of rough, bumpy and stony pitches that have put players at high risk of injuries. Away from the injury risks, the players cannot give even half of their potential due to the bare ground with objects like stones.

According to  Vincent Kasasa, the St Mary’s College –Kisubi (SMACK), they asked for a stand by ambulance for safety of the players but organisers did not positively respond.

“We asked for an ambulance like it is with rugby 15s competitions but we were not given. Although the pitches are flat, the stones within make it unplayable,” noted Kasasa.

Patrick Okanya, the Uganda secondary schools sports association (USSSA) Chairman told Pepper Sport that they did not plan for an ambulance for hockey since day one and thus made it hard to be incorporated.

In rugby, a game does not kick-off without a stand-by ambulance and in circumstances of no ambulance, the host teams loses the game by forfeiture.

“We only planned for rugby and the hockey federation did not advise to that effect.

However, we can see how to improvise. On matters of pitches, that is a general problem in Uganda and schools should try to develop sports facilities. Government should also try to help schools to develop sports infrastructure,” noted Okanya.

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