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FUFA new season club licensing regulations out

Kintu and Bainaman at FUFA house on Wednesday (FUFA media)

FUFA has unveiled strict club licensing minimum requirements for FUFA the 2019/20 StarTimes Uganda Premier League (UPL) season.

Ivan Kintu, the FUFA Club licensing manager told the press on Wednesdy that no club will be granted competition license next season minus meeting the minimum standards.

“Last season, we mainly considered green playing surface and internal perimeter fence but time, we have added other key requirements,” he said.

Apart from a flat, soft and full green pitch plus a perimeter fence, the dressing rooms must be spacious enough, well ventilated with medical and classroom facilities, there must be a physical fence separating the two sides’ fans while sanitation must be at the top most level with clean and modern toilets.

“We shall be very strict on these five and the clubs know. Certain clubs wait to do things on the last hour and it disorganizes them; risking them to relegation at times. As Fufa, we are striving to professionalize the game so that the brand can attract more business. Going ahead, many more requirements will be enforced as par the FUFA club licensing road map,” added Kintu, who was in company of UPL CEO Bernard Bainaman Bampaire.

The point score system grading will range from full license (green), provisional license (yellow), purple (to submit missing requirements within a given timeline –no license granted) and Red (No license granted).

FUFA also launched the road map of requirement to be implemented in the subsequent seasons. These licensing requirements as par the FUFA road map include; a club having a youth programme (FUFA Junior team) with a CAF C licensed coach, tenancy agreement (if not owner) of the infrastructure including match day and training grounds as well as club offices.

The club will be required to have a contracted FUFA certified CEO, security officer, contracted CAF B licensed head and assistant coach, club ownership details, club season budget and books of accounts, bank account with proof of club CEO as signatory on club account.

The club will also be required to present motto, nickname, logo, slogan, official email, website and social media handles. A sporting criteria with an annual technical schedule, nutrition agenda, and player medical insurance and ambulance services arrangements will be required on top of credible administrative and personnel criteria that has a marketing and communication employee, medical person, finance officer and physiotherapist.

In terms of legal, the club will be required to have proof of holding statutory AGM, club code of conduct, HR manual, work plan, compliance with NSSF and PAYE.

The finance criteria will also be required in the near future including source of funds, financial recording system, external audit and final audited books of accounts among others. Apart from the priority five, the other requirements will be enforced gradually.

Last season, Tooro United, Mbarara City, Nyamityobora and Paidha Black Angels were denied license to host from their respective grounds until they met minimum requirements. This affected the clubs with Nyamityobora and Paidha facing relegation at the end of the UPL campaign.


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