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Muhangi glues on NCS funding policy despite boxing budget increase

UBF President Moses Muhangi (C) speaks to the media as UBF assistant Barigo and NCS's Ismail Dhakaba (L) look on

Uganda boxing federation (UBF) President Moses Muhangi has continued to put National council of sports (NCS) on pressure to make their funding policy public.

UBF President Moses Muhangi graduated at LDC recently

Muhangi, who recently graduated with a post graduate diploma in law at Law development center (LDC), says that NCS is got to have a clear funding policy to all the federations and not extending financial assistance at will. In the FY 2019/20 national budget, sports had a budgetary increase up to Shs26bn from Shs17.5bn in the 2018/19 FY budget. According to the young tycoon, increasing boxing money will not stop his advocacy for fairness. “We are told there is an increase for boxing from Shs500m to Shs700m but that does not carry me. We need to know the NCS funding policy; which federation gets what and why? Not just increasing funding to vocal federations and reducing others’ budgets without justification. I want to know why boxing deserves an increase and not swimming, why that percentage increase and what to do to attain more increase. These are the things we want put clear,” said Muhangi, who believes that graduating as an advocate will even energize him for more advocacy. “We were told that FUFA getting Shs10bn and over 40 other federations Sharing Shs4bn in the FY 2018/19 was a presidential directive. They told us that it was because FUFA had AFCON in Egypt, COSAFA championship in South Africa, AFCON U17 in Tanzania as well as Afcon and World Cup qualifiers. A presidential directive does not stand for all subsequent budgetary allocations as it comes as a supplementary. We do not expect it in the forth coming budget. Secondly, if there is no AFCON, COSAFA and U17 championships, then where is the justification of the Shs10bn to FUFA when boxing has Africa and world championships as well as All Africa games?” asked Muhangi. The national boxing team (Bombers) preparations for All Africa games due August in Morocco were halted early this month due to financial hiccups as NCS reportedly had no money to keep the team training. According to Muhangi, the coaches have to start from zero by the time the team returns. “Uganda Cranes camps in Abu Dhabi for almost a month and we expect no medal, Bombers are not training but you will hear officials sending them for medals at the flag off when they are going to face well facilitated boxers that have been in exceptional camps for months. National teams belong to government and not federations and thus should be treated equally. Some disguised sports like boxing are the ones that bring medals back home,” added Muhangi. NCS Head of Corporate Affairs Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo admitted that indeed NCS has no funding policy but are in advance stages to establish one. He said that the council even has no communication policy and those are some of the priority issues being worked on. “It is true we have no funding policy, but we have regulations and parameters on which we base to fund sports which these federations know. We must accept that sports funding by government is inadequate and so, federations should push for more funding than struggling to pull down others,” noted Dhakaba. In the NCS FY 2019/20 budget allocation, football will continue with the lion’s share as it is set to enjoy about 38% of the total budget with whooping Shs10bn just as concluding FY.  Netball comes second with Shs2bn –an increase of Shs500m, athletics will get Shs1.1bn –an increase of Shs800m, basketball follows closely at one billion shillings while boxing and University Sports Association will each take Shs700m. Rugby will receive Shs300m while Paralympic games have been allocated Shs250m. The rest of the other sports disciplines will share Shs2bn while NCS will retain Shs9.24bn to cater for operational costs and contribution towards Uganda Secondary School Association (USSA) games and Copa Coca Cola football tournament. To benefit from the aforementioned funding however, a federation will have to show cause to NCS before getting the money.

The brief:

Football – 10bn

Netball- 2bn

Others – 2bn

Athletics –1.1bn

Basketball –1bn

University Sports –700m

Boxing –700m

Rugby -300m

Paralympics –250m

NCS – 9.24bn


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