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Misagga sets conditions to FUFA adjudicatory committee

Misagga and his lawyer arrive at FUFA House

Nyamityobora FC President Eng. Ben Misagga has vowed to defy any other FUFA summons over alleged attempt to influence a match official so as to obtain an improper advantage in match result.

The case was due to take off early this month but the former SC Villa President, through his lawyer Roberts Kagolo of Muwema and Co. Advocates and Solicitors, asked to know his accusers when he went to meet the committee at FUFA House, Mengo.

Misagga had been summoned to the adjudicatory committee of the FUFA Ethics Committee. The summons came through an e-mail signed by Darius Ruta, the chairperson.

Misagga, who got to FUFA in the late afternoon requested to know who the complainant was in the case which the committee failed to adhere to thus the session lasting for less than 30 minutes with a new date set to be communicated.

“They accuse my client of attempting to influence a match official. According to the summons, there was a report made so we request for that report. We want to know the reason, who is accusing my client. They said that they can’t avail the report immediately but they would summon us again and make a ruling on that matter. We shall return when we are summoned but we can’t proceed without the report. We don’t know who is accusing us yet we want to handle this process legally,” Kagoro noted.

Accordingto Misagga, FUFA is trying to waste his time and divert his attention from contesting against current FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo in the federation race come 2021.

Heearlier told Pepper Sport that Magogo as a person was cooking stories that can validate his (Misagga) ban to lock him out of 2021 elections.

“They say I do not qualify, why are they panicking?” Misagga asked. The summons did not indicate the particular match in Jinja (as alleged) which Misagga attempted to influence although the report implicating him was reportedly made after findings from Dan Kidega-led commission of inquiry into match officiating which was set up by Fufa mid last year.

The report was handed over to Fufa in December last year and FUFA assured the public that details and recommendations would be divulged after a Fufa Executive Committee meeting –which was never even after the meeting on May 25 at Brovad Hotel, Masaka.

It is alleged that Misagga attempt to influence results of the match were in benefit of SC Villa before he resigned as club president.

Misagga, who is also involved in a court case in which he accuses FUFA, FSLL and StarTimes of failure to pay him commission off the StarTimes 10-year UPL sponsorship deal, insists that the charges are politically motivated. FUFA insists that the construction tycoon had no formal role in the deal negotiations.


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