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NRM boss’ daughter supports Zebra boxing club

Nambi and Zebra joined by the ghetto boxers for a group photo

Zebra Boxing Club was over the weekend boosted with 2000 bricks to help them construct a boxing gym in slummy Bwaise -a Kampala slum. Faridah Nambi, a politician in Kampala and daughter to NRM National Vice chairman Hajj Moses Kigongo came to the aid of the financially struggling ghetto boxers and pledged to extend more financial support. “It’s a pleasure for me to associate with an exceptional person like Zebra. I thank him for the legacy in the boxing and I am going to work hand in hand with him to ensure that we build his boxing gym which I strongly believe will help the youths in the country especially around Kampala,” noted Nambi. Zebra boxing club belongs to former national team (Bombers) captain Zebra ‘Mando’ Ssenyange, who is the current Bombers team manager. “I am grateful for Hajjat Nambi’s support. This is a great gesture to all that have capacity to support the ghetto people,” noted Zebra, who believes that the gym construction will cost Shs80m and will be done as earlier as possible.


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