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Buganda football strategic plan finally gets implementers

Sam Mpiima (R) with Katikiro (C) and the Kabaka (King) of Buganda during a previous Masaza Cup final at Namboole stadium

The Katikiro (Premier) of Buganda Kingdom Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga officially launched the kingdom’s football strategic plan implementation committee on Wednesday at Bulange, Mengo.

The 8-member committee has FUFA official Sam Mpiima as the chairman, deputized by Namboole stadium managing director Hajji Jamil Ssewanyana as his deputy.

“When you conceive an idea, you write down the plan, follow that plan and evaluate that plan. Then when you realize the strong points of your plan, you push them forward and when you notice weaknesses, you rectify them. Sports is an industry requiring people with technical knowledge, the implementers of this plan must be consistent to realize fruits expected from this football strategic plan, they are also required of efficiency and professionalism. You need to implement this plan with passion. Of course sports requires infrastructure and equipment; these are extremely important. We hope you will device means of enabling us acquire infrastructure especially playing fields,” noted Katikiro, who added that sports brings peace, happiness and people together. “I advise sportsmen to learn how to save and invest for their future when the talent is no more,” he addedBuganda unveiled a four-year strategic plan in November 2017 which runs from 2018-2021.

The newly appointed Chairman, Mpiima revealed that the priority will be establishing Buganda’s sports facility and spearheading development of playing fields at the lower levels of kingdom administration structures.

Committee full list:

  1. Sam Mpiima- Chairman
  2. Hajji Jamil Ssewanyana -Vice Chairman
  3. Sulaiman Ssejjengo- Member
  4. Adam Semattiko- Member
  5. Norbert Kazibwe- Member
  6. Josephine Namukisa- Member
  7. Hajji Sulaiman Magala- Member
  8. Joseph Lwanga- Member


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