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MRI Rams look out for better performance

Rams (white) have promised another improved display

MRI Rams got past group stage two weeks ago for the first in this year’s national 7s series during the Mileke Circuit at Legends Rugby Club.

This Saturday, Rams returns to Legends for the fifth circuit of the series as they take part in the Roke 7s Coronation Circuit/Cup to be hosted by Shell Rimula Rhinos.

In last year’s Coronation Cup, Rams reached the semi-finals where they lost 12-17 to Plascon Mongers.

Rams reached the quarter-finals of the Mileke circuit but lost to Toyota Buffaloes. Rams Coach Richard Lumu wants to get out of group stage and wants to see his charges at the final.

“The team is more focused and I expect a better display from them,” revealed Lumu, who attributed previous poor performance to inexperience of his squad members.

Betway Kobs lead the 7s table standings with 91 points, 6 above second placed Stanbic Black Pirates.


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