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FUFA Organises Concussion Injury Workshop

FUFA Football Development Director Ali Mwebe (right) interacts with Vipers SC’ Simon Peter Njuba during an adminstration course recently

FUFA has organized a concussion and injuries training workshop for Premier League teams on July 31 at the Multitec Business Institute, Bukesa.

The federation has partnered with the ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Health, the University of British Columbia (Injury prevention division), Canada, University of Cape Town (Division for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine), South Africa and the University of Missouri- St. Louis (College of education-Athletic coaching) for a resourceful training.

FUFA Football Development Director Ali Mwebe confirmed that the workshop will focus on concussion (Mild Traumatic Brain) and injury awareness training tools (CATTONLINE) with an aim of equipping participants with resources and tools for managing concussion injury-related issues in football.

“The participants will be equipped with ways to recognise, prevent and manage concussions as well as mitigating future concussion. They will be given certificates of completion together with concussion manuals,” noted Mwebe, who added that registration for the workshop ends this Saturday.

In the workshop, Dr. Timothy Makubuya will provide information about the Co-coaching model for coaches in Uganda to explore new opportunities for injury prevention.

At least two participants from each UPL Club are invited to attend the half-day workshop.


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