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Letter to H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda


Your Excellency, the President and Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the Chairman of the NRM, ‘Sabalwanyi’, the Guardian of Africa and the anointed Shepherd of the Lord’s sheep in Uganda. First allow me to take this rare opportunity to convey my heart-felt greetings to you and your family. I greet you in the name of Papa Elohim, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah and David, the creator of the universe and everything in Heaven, on earth, under the earth, and in the waters. Glory be to Him who choose you to be our President.

My main point of writing is to humbly request you to carry out an audit on all resources you have been sending to Teso sub region for the last 20 years. I have visited other parts of Uganda like Acholi land which

was at war for the past 20 years, but I saw progress in terms of Socio-economic development. Gulu town is so wonderful especially at night one my think she/he is in another country.


I know you have been sending so many resources to Teso just like any other region of Uganda but the situation is so disturbing for example in terms of Education we normally come last as a region even we still have dilapidated buildings in schools like my former primary school, St. Aloysius which has some classrooms having no roofs yet the walls are very dirty with no paint. The health sector is terrible, Soroti main hospital has no blood bank, the scanning machines are dead, Aturur Hospital is in problems, medicine is always not available, doctors have their own clinics which they put much attention ETC, ETC.

You have given a lot of money to the youth, money for model parishes, for restocking, for Valley dams among others including iron sheets for schools and resettlement of internally displaced people, money for beautifying and lighting Soroti town just like Lira, Mbarara and money for water, Rural electrification, vocational institutions, money for extension workers, money for abarata kere, equipment for opening up and maintaining roads but the situation remains miserable.

Your Excellency I know you have the data of what the central government has delivered to Teso for the last 20 years. My request is that let all this be known to the local people of Teso. Time has come for others to account for their actions right from LC1 up to MPS and Ministers. You have done your part, but the problem is with those who have been mandated by God to watch over His sheep at local level.

I hear when our leaders from Teso come to meet you, they take much time accusing one another and presenting personal problems instead of presenting problems which affect common Iteso.

You have taken them to tour model farms and lectured on household income but when they go back to Teso they all keep quiet to enjoy the allowances which you gave them, nobody passes the massage to the ordinary people.

How lame Teso has become yet it has leaders right for villages to the president’s office. Teso leaders have even abandoned Teso including those who work in Teso. They only go to Teso for burials, campaigns and when you have gone there. Your Excellency the only thing these leaders are good at is to show the Iteso who among them is more close to you than the other.



Teso has so many talents and potential but there is nobody to promote it especially amongst the youth and these has promoted the dependency syndrome amongst the youth. Wow to the leaders of TESO.

May Papa Elohim continue to give you good health and wisdom to watch over his Sheep. Many thanks to the Red Pepper, ELOHIM BLESS YOU ABANDANTLY. Not forgetting my life time sponsors Hima Cement, Spear motors and Wavah Water for the support.

For God and my Country!



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