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Mulindwa bows down to Magogo after five years

Magogo awards Mulindwa (R) during the FUFA AGM (FUFA photo)

In early January 2014, Rogers Mulindwa resigned as FUFA Head of communication. In a statement, Mulindwa said that the eight years he had served in the capacity were enough for him to quit.

His decision to quit also came seven months after his former boss Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa had stepped aside as the FUFA President.

The National resistance Movement (NRM) Spokes person said, as he quit, that he cannot continue to work under Moses Magogo’s administration whose ‘focus seem to differ so much from the foundation and the objectives we laid’ during (Lawrence) Mulindwa’s regime.

He however, maintained that he would not join any negative forces in fighting baseless battles that affect football development and vowed to remain serving football in other capacities.

Five years down the road, Mulindwa bounces back in Magogo’s administration after being co-opted along with FUFA referees boss Ronnie Kalema at the FUFA Executive Committee.

In a statement by FUFA on Tuesday, signed by the CEO Edgar Watson,  FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo raised a proposal to the Executive Committee which sat on August 21 in Mengo for the appointment of Mulindwa and Kalema on the FUFA Executive Committee as co-opted members under Artice 33(2) of the FUFA Statutes for the period of two years effective August 31, 2019 to August 30, 2021.

“The FUFA President and the Executive members believe that the two persons will add a lot of value and expertise considering their experience and passion accordingly,” partly read the statement.

Ronnie Kalema

Kalema, according to inside sources, is being ‘cleansed’ by the Excom as the best candidate to replace Eng. Moses Magogo as the FUFA boss should the CAF Excom member decide to quit.

Read for the task

Mulindwa seemed to have found a new Magogo from that he vowed not to work with. Like football brings all masses together, the the Cecafa Spokes person expressed his readiness for the task. “I received an official letter from the CEO of FUFA indicating my inclusion on the FUFA Executive Committee as a co-opted member. I am delighted to be given an opportunity by the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo to serve football at this level again. I also thank the Excom for approving my nomination. I pledge to serve honestly in accordance with the FUFA statutes. It’s our Game,” vowed Mulindwa, who as he quit earlier told the people he left at FUFA that football must be treated bigger than individuals.


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