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Villa needs soul searching, not elections


Last week the SC Villa executive acting under the ambit of Fufa released a road map that will see the club hold elections for a new executive early next year.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat it here that this is a ploy by Fufa to further weaken Villa by subjecting it to this acrimonious process of elections that will further tear apart fans.

I say so because a strong Villa has always been a power centre that greatly threatens Fufa. So, by entrenching itself into the club through deciding how and when the club holds elections, Fufa is taming a Villa side that has become a shadow of its former self.

Ask yourself; why has Fufa chosen to meddle in Villa affairs and not any of the 15 other clubs in the Uganda Premier League — not even any other football divisions?

During my time as Villa president, FUFA president Eng. Moses Magogo manufactured a section of rogue fans under the so called fans association. He then met them at Njeru (technical centre) and tried to coach them on how to frustrate the would-be elections. This was after I dissolved them and so the meeting was under the guise that they complained to him.

I grew up supporting Villa, served it from national coordinator and — twice unopposed — as President. In fact, Villa is part of my DNA.

The Villa I know doesn’t operate under the whims of Fufa. It has its strong men to ensure it is the best in the country or, at worst, the talk of Ugandan football. Passion runs in Villa fans and Fufa doesn’t have to show them how they should express it.

Patrick Kawooya didn’t have to go through an election to lead Villa’s most successful era. Even Franco Mugabe (CAPO), his successor, didn’t take over because he was the most popular amongst fans. In fact most of us didn’t know him at the time he came for elections at Villa Park; it was because he could dig deep into his pockets to see that the club succeeds.

Football has changed to a point where a club needs to be self-sustaining. However, that also starts with investment, schooling Villa fans using the Barcelona and Madrid examples as per Magogo’s radio gossip that he teaches using ‘geometry set’ literature.

Even the current leadership remains pessimistic about injecting money into a Villa side with a bleak future because FUFA will conduct and supervise stage-managed elections to bring in who Magogo wants. That’s why I personally refused that notion of interim of 6 months.

At the moment, Villa is on its knees financially because it cannot afford to get a new stadium after being chased from Villa Park. It cannot buy any serious player worthy of making any of the national teams. The club is like a destitute who’s willing to go with anyone who promises heaven on earth.

So, it is delusional for Magogo to think that Villa will become better after elections — unless he is purposely scheming to make Villa history like Nsambya FC or even Bitumastic.

First of all the timing couldn’t have been at a worse moment when the club is a shell of its former self. Why hold Villa elections in February 2020 during the player transfer window? It means that while other clubs will be strengthening, Villa will be politicking. Therefore, don’t be surprised when the once-mighty Villa gets relegated this season in fulfillment of an ancient design now under implementation.

In my view, the six months should be used for soul-searching and mobilisation. There are many diehard Villa supporters that are willing to ably lead the club but are locked out by the silly conditions such as holding a Senior Six certificate; which were planted in by Magogo. When I say this he posts that I lack education; but you can’t subject passionate well-wishers and funders to such backward election rules!

These discriminatory maneuvers started in the 2000s when a section of Villa fans started alienating some longstanding fans such as tycoon Andrew ‘Zzimwe’ Kasagga. Many other businessmen started to withhold their funding to the club, leading to the downward trajectory of the club because 90% of core filthy rich men are not beyond secondary education level.

So, it is very unwise for Fufa to restrict someone’s participation on education grounds. Many fans keep asking me why there’s a lack of vibrancy in the league. My simple answer is that there cannot be vibrancy without Villa and Express FC. Express’ leadership was massaged by Magogo and now it’s deep asleep on the massage bed. Unfortunately, the power-hungry Fufa executive is the only winner in this. So, the earlier Villa diehards wake up, the better!

The author is Nyamityobora FC president!


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