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Mugisha to take over as Fufa President

Magogo (L) speaks to Fufa CEO on Saturday
Fufa president Eng. Moses Magogo has made a shocking revelation that he will be stepping aside as Fufa President for two months starting this October.
The move is to allow Fifa investigate the alleged sale of Fifa World Cup 2014 tickets held in Brazil which were meant for Ugandan fans to USA nationals by the federation boss. 
Magogo (R) and Mugisha at the assembly
Speaking at the 95th Fufa ordinary assembly in Adjuman on Saturday, Magogo said that as Fufa Executive, they agreed that he paves way for Fifa to investigate so that the case can he fully disposed off. 
“The case has been pending for long. It disadvantages the individual and the federation at large. I thought it wise to step a side for two months as agreed with Fifa for the investigations to get completed and the case get disposed off,” noted Magogo.  In his absence, Magogo confirmed that his first Vice President Justus Mugisha will be in charge and will hold full mandate as Fufa president.  
“We have been working together as the Executive and I trust my team. Everything will run as it has before as we sort out this once and for all. Surprisingly, the people meddling these allegations in need of seeing me arrested are football people. I am a clean administrator whose integrity is not questioned by the corporate people I closely work with,” he added. 
Delegates at the assembly
FIFA started preliminary investigations into allegations that Magogo was involved in the illegal sale of the 2014 World Cup tickets in 2017, according Maria Claudia Rojas, the chairperson of the investigatory chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee.

In 2017, Makindye West MP, Allan Ssewanyana petitioned FIFA regarding Magogo’s alleged involvement in the sale of 2014 World Cup tickets that had been allocated to Uganda.

Ssewanyana, also a co-owner of a lower division Katwe United football club questioned the integrity and moral authority of Magogo whom he accused of violation and breach of the FIFA statures, code of ethics and disciplinary code, under the articles 13, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.

The MP, who alleged that the tickets were sold in Florida in USA, also claimed that of the 177 tickets allocated to Uganda, none was sold to Ugandans.


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