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Fortebet Gives Back To Entebbe Community Gifts Worth 10m

Kigungu Fortebet operator officially handing over a jacket to one of the fishermen.

Fortebet, Uganda’s betting giant, over the weekend gave back to residents of Entebbe gifts worth Shs. 10 million.

The gifts included 40 life jackets that were donated to fishermen and other water users at Kigungu landing site in Entebbe. From the site, Fortebet visited all its centres in Entebbe right from Abayit’ababiri to Kigungu, Nakiwogo and the three centres in the middle of the town and gave out new Techno phones, original European club jerseys, T-shirts, caps, pens and wristbands.

To the bodaboda riders, Fortebet also donated to many quality life jackets to help them reduce the chances of getting involved in accidents, especially at night.

Musa Bulwadda, one of the life jackets recipients told us that, “I want to express my sincere gratitude to Fortebet. In less than a year, you are giving us these jackets for the second time. You have saved many lives with these jackets. Thank you and keep coming back.”

John Nanyumba, Fortebet Media manager said that, “Giving back to Ugandans is part of Fortebet. We work within Ugandans and therefore they should directly or indirectly benefit from Fortebet.”

This weekend, Fortebet will give back to Kyotera, Kalissizo, sanje, Mutukula and Kasensero. Be there, do not miss!


My phone got damaged a few weeks ago. I was still collecting money to buy a new one. now that I have this, i will save my money for other needs
This is very kind of Fortebet. I am one of your customers and I will continue betting with you
These were some of the lucky jersey winners
These Nakiwogo clients were given club jerseys
These gentlemen walked away with Fortebet T-shirts

These four were lucky to win T-shirts

Some of the reciepients of the bodaboda reflector jackets

Nakiwogo jersey winners that walked home with club jerseys
More Nakiwogo T-shirts winners pose for a photo
More Entebbe town centre winners
I have alot of love for Fortebet. Thant is why I will never ever bet with anyother company. One, you pay instantly and two, I want to win that 1 billion
Fortebet operator hands over one of the phones to the winner

5 Abayit’ababiri punters won their favourate club jerseys

Abayit’ababiri operator handing over a phone to the lucky man


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