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Shell V-Power fuels MOSAC Rally

Vivo Energy Marketing Manager Moses Kebba hands over fuel vouchers and goodies to Shell rally drivers

Ahead of the forthcoming MOSACA rally 2019, organizers of the annual event has received sponsorship boost of fuel worth Shs10m from Vivo Energy Uganda.

The company will also provide supplementary fuel and car accessories to their team including; Arthur Blick, Ssebuguzi Ronald, Omar Mayanja and Umar Kakyama as an addition to their annual sponsorship packages worth 75Million shillings to each of the drivers each.

The FMU MOSAC rally is set to take place on November 30-December 1 in Kapeka-Semuto, Luwero district.

The MOSAC rally will be the last round on the national rally championship (NRC) and it will determine who wins the National Rally Championship 2019 title.

Shell Sponsored Rally Drivers Arthur Blick and Omar Mayanja are also among the contenders for the championship.

While handing over the sponsorship package, Vivo Energy Marketing Manager Moses Kebba said: “Our latest-generation Shell V Power Unleaded is now boosted with DYNAFLEX Technology. Shell V-Power has a new breakthrough formulation containing three times more cleaning molecules to protect your engines. Our boosted cleaning technology not only helps to improve engine condition, but equally helps to maximize energy from the fuel. This therefore qualifies it as the best ever performance and efficiency fuel on the market. We are giving the drivers an opportunity to experience the great performance and efficiency of Shell V-Power.” Kebba also announced a route plan for rally fans to ply and access Shell V-Power Offers to enable them equally experience the performance benefits of Shell V Power while following their favorite drivers and enjoying the rally.

The stations that will have the offers are Shell Makerere Kikoni, Shell Kawempe, Shell Maganjo, Shell Kagoma, and Shell Kawanda.

Arthur Blick, one of the Shell drivers acknowledged Shell V-Power’s sponsorship value, saying that without Shell, it would be impossible for him to be competitive and to win his 2015 NRC Championship.

“There is a real possibility for us to take the championship and we feel ready to perform on the day for that as a team. I hope you are all ready for the action-packed weekend like we are,” he said.

The Secretary FMU, Sayeed Kaketo on behalf of the federation, thanked Vivo Energy Uganda for their continued support towards Motorsport in Uganda (the National Rally Championship 2019 and Pearl of Africa Rally).

Registration for MOSAC rally ended on Saturday with 36 crews picking forms. There will be official flag off at Kingdom Kampala after scrutiny on Friday, November 29.


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