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Fortebet Aides Greater Masaka With Life Jackets, Gives Back To Clients

Kasensero main centre manager handing over a phone to the grand winner

After donating to Entebbe the previous weekend, Fortebet over last weekend visited South Buganda and gave out lots of goodies. The gifts handover was conducted by Fortebet’s Media Manager, John Nanyumba and witnessed by the area mayor, Moses Sserunjogi.

Fortebet gave out a number of gifts worth over 10,000,000/= to the people in Kasesero, Mutukula, Ssanje, Kalissizo and Kyotera. The gifts included life jackets to over 50 fishermen at Kasensero landing site, reflector jackets to tens of bodaboda riders and at its branches, Fortebet gave out a number of phones, T-shirts, caps, wristbands among others.

The give back kicked off with handing over the life jackets in full witness of the mayor.

“From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my people, I want to say a lot of thanks to Fortebet. We have very many organisations here that think of giving back to the community in which they do business. Thank you for not being like them. We shall continue to host you as long as you continue being productive to the people you work in,” the mayor said shortly after the jackets hand over.

From the landing site, the mayor led Fortebet to give out to bodaboda riders reflector jacket within the same before visiting all the other above mentioned centres from where clients won the rest of the gifts.

Fortebet also gave out a number of footballs to Kakuuto Advanced Primary School.

Talking to us, Fortebet Media manager, John Nanyumba said that, “This is what Fortebet does every day-giving back to Ugandans. These gifts are worth many millions of money but Fortebet has decided to give them to you for free because you are so special.”

I have been hearing and reading on the fixture that you give out gifts to other places. I am happy to be part of the winners today!
I consider this as a christmas package that Fortebet has given me. I will now save the money for buying the jacket for something else
I am lucky to be one of the beneficiaries of Fortebet. I am actually one of the esteemed bettors here and everyone knows it
This gentleman walked home with an excess of Fortebet phone
These were the gifts winners at Ssanje
These lucky 5 guys left Kyotera main centre witha jerse-each
The lucky 4 that went away with caps at Kasensero
The 5 ‘swaggerific’ clients that walked away with Fortebet T-shirts at Mutukula main centre
Soon after receiving the jackets, the fishermen went back to work, pulling the boat out of the water
Mutukula main centre jersey winners smart in their gifts
Kyotera phone winner recieving his gift by one of the centre operators
Kasensero mayor, Moses Sserunjogi doing a ceremonial handover of the jacket to one of the receipients.
Kasensero fishermen pose for a photo wearing their new Fortebet life jackets
Kalissizo jersey winners pose for a group photo
He was the lucky phone winner at Mutukula main centre
Fortebet’s John Nanyumba handing over the balls to one of the teachers at Kakuuto Advanced Primary School
Every bodaboda stage member at Kasensero main stage rode away in Fortebet reflector jacket
All the 5 from Kasensero picked and wore their favourate club jersey
1-2-3-4-5 clients at Kasensero that walked away with Fortebet T-shirts



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