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Fortebet Delivers X-Mas Goodies To Kayunga, Mukono, Katosi In Advance

Fortebet rewarded this client with aphone at Fortebet Mukono new centre

Residents of Mukono, Kayunga, Kangulumira, Katosi, Kalagi and Nakifuma received their Christmas gifts from Fortebet over last weekend.

Fortebet promotions team visited all its branches above and did what it usually does best-rewarding Fortebet customers. This took place over the weekend, with just two weeks to Christmas. Fortebet gave out 7 new brand Techno F1 phones in addition to European club jerseys, T-shirts while other people walked away with caps and wristbands.

“This is our Christmas in advance. Even if you do not come back this year, you have got us sorted. We now just have to look for money for buying eatables because on wears we are covered,” one of the jersey recipients joked shortly after getting his gift at Kangulumira centre.

John Nanyumba, the company’s media manager while handing over gifts to clients at Katosi branch said, “The much love that Fortebet has with its customers is the reason we decided to bring you these many gifts, free of charge. All of you are the reason why Fortebet is now Uganda’s betting giant.”

Just like it has done elsewhere, Fortebet also gave out reflector jackets to bodaboda cyclists in different areas.

This weekend, the promotions team will visit Makindye, Comrades and Namasuba. However, this visit will be preceded with live TV shows at Nansana Junction and Nansana Trading centre branches. Be there and you also win.

I feel Fortebet has paid half of my losses this year. I thank Fortebet so much for this free gift to me and my family
If you as everyone here, they will tell you howmuch I love Fortebet. So, Fortebet has given a gift to its lover
Mukono Industrial area Fortebet phone winner recieving his gift
Thank you Fortebet for our jackets. I know how important this jacket is in as far as saving my life is concerned
This is the greatest thing I have got from Fortebet. I have been winning but a gift will always be the biggest thing to ever get from someone
Kayunga branch manager handing over a phone to one of the lucky winners
Jesrey winners at Mukono industrial
Kayunga caps winners pose for a photo
More Kayunga jersey winners
The 4 lucky T-shirts winners at Kangulumira centre
The lucky 5 that took home Fortebet T-shirts at Mukono industrial centre
These four walked away with Fortebet T-shirts at Kayunga centre
These walked out of Fortebet, Kangulumira centre with jerseys.


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