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Kalungi, wife renovate Kibuli SS volleyball courts

Kalungi, wife and foundation members

Former Uganda Cranes defender Henry Kalungi, together with gorgeous wife Jacqueline Kalungi continued with their charity works in Uganda with the renovation of Kibuli SS volleyball courts last Friday.

Kalungi under his charity organisation – Henry Kalungi Foundation – procured material and actively got involved in the refurbishment of the court ahead of their volleyball camp that commenced this Monday. “Day well spent renovating the volleyball court for our volleyball camp. Thanks to all our amazing volunteers,” Kalungi highlighted in a tweet.

Sacks of cement, lime o top of Paint among other items were used to face-lift the playing surface as well as the court’s general appearance. The US-based player expressed pride in his foundation’s ability to expand wings from football to Volleyball.

Henry Kalungi and Dembe Rashid observe the soil compactor rolled at Kibuli SS Volleyball Court

“I played soccer, my wife played volleyball. So, we thought it would be good to give these kids an opportunity to participate in volleyball. We have been able to get some equipment from our friends. Things in Uganda may not be given much attention as we expect, so we decided to fix this volleyball court. It might not be perfect this year, but we hope to continue building on that and having camps plus outreaches where we can use my wife’s expertise to pass on some volleyball skills,” added the former Charlotte Independence player. Dembe Rashid, the Kibuli SS Volleyball patron was pleased with the foundation’s contribution to the school’s sports department.

Kalungi’s wife paints a pole on Friday


“I am happy and glad to have Henry Kalungi Foundation coming in to help us get a better court. Initially it was a rough court and it could give a hard time for training and building the young talent. With their effort, we hope to get better players,” he said. Jacqueline was relieved to have changed the face of the court as the foundation prepares for a camp at the same venue.

“This year was one we had to host a volleyball camp, but the court needed some work. I was working on painting the poles. We are still working on it, and we shall have a new net to put on it as well. We are hoping it will last till next year as we fund-raise to construct a more sustainable outdoor court,” she noted.

The foundation is marking its fourth year in a row doing charity since December of 2016 and holds annual party for the underprivileged children.


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