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Magogo World Cup ticket fraud case attracts international attention

Moses Magogo

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magog addressed the nation on the state of football in the country in his end of year 2019 address on Monday December 30, 2019 at FUFA House, Mengo. As expected not to miss on the agenda among others, was his two-month suspension by FIFA Ethics and integrity committee over the fraud (resale) involved in the sale of FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup tickets.

Whereas Magogo is back in office at FUFA and the case seemingly off the scene, This site has learned that the case has gone beyond borders –attracting international investigation with USA investigation agencies taking center stage.

Magogo seemed to have gone off the government hook when the IGG office reasoned that she could not handle his case after government through the First Lady and minister of education and sports had asked for whole new investigation.

Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja said that she could not handle new cases since she had been transferred to court of appeal. According to sources, the US government is interested in investigating if their currency (dollar) had value in the transfer.

In his 2017 petition, Ssewanyana alleged that the 177 tickets allotted to Uganda ended up in the hands of American and South African agents, who sold them on the black market. According to Fifa, when a country fails to sell its allotted tickets to the designated market, they are supposed to be sent back to Fifa but Magogo instead sold the tickets to a US national through his Ugandan fiancée who is an official at Makerere University.

Misagga and Stefano

“Magogo was given over $40000 for the tickets but he did not sell the tickets to the American nor pay back despite the latter making the dollar transfer from US to Magogo’s personal Ugandan account. Since there was nothing bought albeit the transfer effected, Magogo and the American can be investigated for fraud, making false declaration or money laundering. The good thing Magogo already agreed to the cases through his plea bargain with Fifa while the American already share confidential emails demanding for his tickets he paid for with FIFA and will be used as a witness,” a source noted.

“Magogo may face an arrest warrant if he sets foot in US or Europe because whistle blowers have already contacted FBI to investigate the fraud and money laundering case,” added the source.

It is reported that Eng. Ben Misagga is behind all this and the Nyamityobora FC president fed the whistle blowers with information through his lawyer identified as Stefano, and other two US lawyers.

In US, when FBI investigates and proves a fraud or money laundering case, the US reserve bank pays the whistle blower(s) times three or beyond of the investigated money value in compensation –and it is what could be inspiring the three US lawyers.  In 2019, in court, the US authorities charged former mayor Nasser Ssebagala with six counts of fraud and two of making false declaration.

According to them, the man, fondly known as Seya, had engineered a grand scam to defraud a bank in the United States Bank Boston and what followed was a court process. Ssebagala, was pulled off a Sabena Airways flight at John F. Kennedy airport enroute to Brussels and then to Entebbe.

Sources at State House, have since established that the Magogo case has, through MP Anita Among, reached the desk of President Museveni and may consider to invite Misagga for a meeting over the matter.


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