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Fortebet Gifts ‘Rain Heavily’ On Hoima, Masindi, Kiboga, Kabango Clients

Fortebet painted Masindi bodaboda stage with reflector jackets

It was a weekend to remember as Fortebet appreciated it customers in the areas of Hoima, Masindi, Lwamata and Kabango. Just as it has done in all the other parts of Uganda, Fortebet even this weekend gave out lots of gifts to its customers in the above mentioned places.

Many of them walked away with Techno phone, T-shirts, caps, wristbands, pens and many more. Away from the branches, Fortebet also visited and donated to bodaboda riders reflector jackets in Masindi and Hoima. 50 riders benefitted from this free offer.

“What Fortebet has done in Masindi has never been done by any other betting company. They way you have been ‘making gifts rain’ indeed confirms that Fortebet is big. I am so happy that I have been one of the many winners. I am now remaining with one thing-winning 100 million,” said one of the phone winners in Masindi.

This weekend, Fortebet will visit and gift its clients in Kyengera, Kitemu and Nsangi. Don’t miss, be there and win!

Kiboga centre manager handing over Fortebet phone
I want to be very honest. I this is the firts smart phone i am going to hold. This is the reason I will never forget Fortebet
I can’t believe that of all the people here it is me who has won a phone. Imagine, I have just won some money and now a phone in addition
This was the first phone winner at Masindi
All these clients at Kabango won Fortebet t-shirts for the first time
All these were rewarded with Fortebet T-shirts
All these Hoima clients walked away with something from Fortebet
These were the lucky winners of Fortebet caps at Lwamata centre
The lucky 5 from Kiboga that walked away with Fortebet T-shirts
The first gifts winners at Masindi
More winners of T-shirts in Masindi
Hoima’s phone winner racieving his gift
His first ever smart phone came from Fortebet, handed to him by Kabango operator
Fortebet operator handing over a second phone to a client in Masindi
Fortebet Media Manager, John Nanyumba handing over the phone to Lwamata winner




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