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Maiden Liberation Day Chess Championship on


Over 300 players participants are expected at the first ever Liberation day chess day tournament that is on this Saturday at Nob View Hotel in Ntinda.

The championship that aims to celebrate the National Resistance Movement (NRM) 34 years anniversary since 1986 was officially launched by General Elly Tumwine at Parliament on Thursday.

“What a better way to celebrate the heroes of our revolution,” Tumwine told Doves Chess Academy members, the key organizers of this event alongside Focus Youth Forum –a social organization working to eradicate poverty from Uganda. “Chess is a good mind test.It challenges one’s mind. You have to plan, prepare and execute your plan. Chess is also a good disciplining game because every move you make is organized and planned for,” Tumwine added.

Christine Namaganda

Dove Chess Academy director Christine Namaganda, who is also a Chess Fide Master and international Arbiter lauded General Tumwine for the support and also chess players’ parents.

Bernard Keikara Mugume, the founder and chairperson of Focus Youth Forum said that they will use the tournament to senstitize the leaders through chess.

“We have mobilized 100 trainers to go out to schools to teach students to play chess in institutions,” Mugume noted. The tournament co-partners include; the Indian Association of Uganda, Rotary Club of Kampala and Nob View Hotel, Ntinda. The swiss format of play will be used for this day long tournament whose theme is “Developing Leadership Capacity through Chess.” Six categories U6, U8, U10, U12, U16, and U21 by Boys and Girls will be involved.


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