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Fortebet Gifts Rock Bwera, Kasese, Mpondwe, As Over 1000 Get Rewarded

At the boda stage at the main round-about, every rider got a reflector jacket

Fortebet clients in Bwera, Mpondwe and Kasese will take long to forget last weekend hundreds of gifts. Over 1000 clients received Fortebet’s precious gifts at Fortebet centres in the above areas.

The gifts, among others, included phones, jerseys, t-shirts, pens and wristbands. Fortebet also gave out reflector jackets to bodaboda riders in Bwera and Kasese in a bid to reduce their chances of being knocked especially during the night.

All the gifts were handed over by John Nanyumba, the company’s media manager.

“I want to thank Fortebet for their kind heart. It is a great thing to win this phone because I came here with no expectation of getting it. I am also happy because even my friends have won some other gifts,” said the winner of the phone at Bwera centre.

Bodaboda cyclists at Kasese, who received reflector jackets, couldn’t hide their joy. “Fortebet has done for us something we shall never forget. It is the first betting company to give us these reflector jackets. On behalf of my colleagues, we are extremely grateful,” one Kassim, a bodaboda cyclist said on behalf of his colleagues just after receiving the jackets.

Talking to the clients at Kasese main centre, Nanyumba noted that, “We have come here to say thank you for choosing Fortebet. The gifts that we are going to give you today are a token of appreciation from team Fortebet.”

This weekend, Fortebet team will visit branches in Elegu, Adjuman, Pakele and Moyo. Dont miss out!

I am Fortebet’s number one bettor among the bodaboda riders, so, I more than deserve this reflector jacket
I confirm that I have just recieved this brand new phone from Fortebet. I cant even find the right words to express my happiness
I have hit a double win. Just a few hours ago, I won money and now here I win a phone. My day is now sorted



More jersey winners at Kasese pose for a photo
More Mpondwe jersey winners left Fortebet shop with a smile


The first jersey winners at Kasese left smiling
The second set of jersey winners also let Fortebet happy
These 5 confirmed having recieved the Fortebet T-shirts
These were the first winners of Fortebet T-shirts at Kasese
This client won a Techno pnone at Mpondwe
This was the first phone winner from Fortebet in Kasese
This was the third Kasese phone winner recieving his gift
All the 6 at Bwera were rewarded for choosing to bet with Fortebet
At Bwera, they all got their favourate club’s jerseys
Fortebet dressed over 40 boda riders at Bwera with reflector jackets_censored
Bwera phone winner could not believe that he was going to own a phone after losing one a year ago
Fortebet worker at the branch near the round-about handing over the phone to the winner
From Bwera, all these 5 walked home with a Fortebet T-shirt


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