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CORONA VIRUS: Lion Sports Academy Donates Soap, Sugar To Players


Lion Sports Academy Ntungamo officials have on Monday 30th, March started it’s campaign of visiting and donating items to the Academy players to sensitize against COVID-19.

Academy Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Alonso Niwasiima indicates that there is a need to keep on reaching out to these deep families.

“We are giving out items like Soap, Sensitizing on the protective measures and sanitizers to families wher our players come from” Said Alonso.

“We are moving under protective measures to teach out to all those poor families where our Kids come from and support them in the situation we are in. Added Alonso.

” Most of our Players come from Families which can not manage to get requirements in the line to honor the government directives during this time. Some families are badly off” Pointed Alonso.

The donation is expected tp end on Wednesday 1st, April with expectation to have donated to more than 100 families around Ntungamo.

This campaign is supported by www.sportsoceanug.com, Digtech Solutions Hub Mbarara, Owino.net, The Smith Soccer Foundation Ibanda, Hotel Trendyz Ntungamo, Godys General Electrical, Lee Joe Company limited Kampala, The Youth Hub Uganda Kampala, Ugandan Sports Traders Association Kampala and Promise Sports Center Kampala.

As of Monday 30th, March 2020 morning Uganda has registered 33 cases

About The Lion Sports Academy.

Is a non profit making soccer academy in Kyamate Ntungamo Uganda that locates, develops and young soccer talent.

The Academy was started by Mr. Nuwasiima Ronald Alonso with a major objective of causing a social impact on the less previleged children in the area through promoting soccer.

In two years of existance, the academy has been able to witness progress as per the objective.


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