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CORONA VIRUS: SOM Chess Academy Extends Helping Hand To Vulnerable People


Like the holy Bible say (Proverbs 31:20) “She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.” Som Chess Academy on Saturday extended helping hand to residents affected by Corona Virus.

The beneficiaries were people in Kampala around its (Som Chess Academy) centers like Kawempe, Bwaise, Kibuli, Nateete and Katwe.

Last month the government of the republic of Uganda passed directive measures and one of them was to stay home for 14 days which was specifically to help people shield themselves from the deadly COVID-19.

Robert Katende (Left)

” This is an effort to help Children in the program that come from most Vulnerable families. Some of these Children are not in touch with there guardians who had traveled and couldn’t manke it back hence, making the situation more complex for the Children to survive without support” Stated Robert Katende.

To help the Vulnerable people, Som Chess Academy was supported by Global United and Cradle which are development organizations in Uganda.

To ensure that they obey to government directives and measures, Som Chess Academy was assisted by Safe Boda for the facilitation of Items.

Beneficiaries were able to receive 10 Kilograms of Posho, 4 Kilograms of Beans, Two packets of Salt, One Bar of Soap and a tin of Kimbo which was measuring a half Kilogram each.

Items which were given to vulnerable people

About Som Chess Academy.

Som Chess Academy was started in 2004 by Robert Katende as the director and coach. And so far has helped many slum children to reach their dreams like doctors, teachers, Engineers.

Recently the non profit foundation embarked on establishing a vocational training for the chess players so that value is added on their chess talent to enable them survive in this competitive world.

The academy has restored lives of over 500 children from different slum areas of Uganda for the last 17 Years under coach Robert Katende who has natured them as far as the game of chess is concerned.


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