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Rays of Grace Academy Coaches Welcome Astro Turf Initiative


Management of Rays of Grace Junior School and Academy have put up a 7-aside modern football astro turf as an addition to their facilities/play grounds at their campus in Kirugu, Njeru Municipality. Originally, the academy has been using a natural turf (play ground) that is however not fit for the top notch standards of the game.

The academy coaches have welcomed this initiative with both hands, hoping that it will instill pride, confidence and exposure to the academy’s youngsters.

“We will always be on greater advantage whenever we compete in tournaments organized on such playing surface (astro turf) because our boys will be used to it. We welcome this initiative with open hands” Kato Erimiah, the academy football assistant coach said.

” It has not been easy for us to train on such grounds as we have been borrowing FUFA Technical Centre, Njeru, but having ours at the school means that we can train at any time.” Kato added.
The academy which is both a learning institution and a sports hub are hoping to bounce back in style once a noose on sports, schools and the like is loosened.

“Nobody was prepared for this period (COVID-19). However, we give players program of training and they do it individually. They are at the learning age so if they get back we will have to take them through different trainings, I believe they will catch up.” Head Coach Hamuza Lutalo added after welcoming the astro turf initiative.

Rays of Grace Academy accommodates many sports disciplines through which children express their talents and guided by people with technical know how. Football, Netball, Handball, Woodball, Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball are the Sports disciplines at the Academy. Music is also in the mix.

The Academy is organizationally owned by HOFFMAN Family Foundation with Board of Directors who are successful professionals in Children development Programs.


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