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Kobs: Brian Odong will have an Impact


One of the best things to come out of the pause in play (due to Covid-19) is that Kobs were able to get more healthy and that includes prop Brian Odong.

It sucks not having rugby in our lives but we know it was for the best. Possibly, in the near future, Kobs will be back competing for the Rugby Premier League title.

But the good thing for Kobs is that they were able to get healthy especially in the shape of Odong.

After his return in late February this year, Odong featured for his side in their 67-07 win against Impis at Legends Grounds during the lunch time Premier League fixture.

Odong, also former national team Captain had been out of action for about two years due to an injury and he had last featured for Kobs in February 2018.

Odong returned with a bang as he crossed the white wash in the 40th minute to help his side see-off the top tier league new entrants.
Obviously, the health of the entire team is paramount but having a healthy Odong is important as well.

Odong is an athletic prop and surprisingly, sometimes he can bursts from the offense like a jaguar. The man can jump out of the gym.
Sometimes, he does not do a lot of scoring but he is able to help out in the paint.

But when he is on form, he averages more assists than he does tries. For a team that needs a well tested prop especially in big fixtures, Odong makes the effort a lot more manageable.

Also, Odong is known for his defensive skills. He is often seen ‘killing’ rivals’ attacks from the foot, and his back-liners like this.

Odong is someone you can rely on to make a difference when he is on the pitch. He can give second chances with his offensive skills and flip the momentum of a game with a single tackle.

Kobs will need their depth when they start playing again. After such a long period of not playing games, it is likely that the dugout members will be paying close attention to everyone’s minutes, especially when it comes to Odong.

But if guys like Daudi Semwami, Faraj Odugo, Conrad Mukwaya, Keith Semyarye, Joseph Oloya, Mikiili Wilibo, Joseph Aredo and other members step up to the plate, Kobs will be in a good position to make a run in the league.

When play is reinstated, Kobs will try to relieve Heathens of the title but the title holders are atop the 10-team table off 63 points, five ahead of second placed Kobs.

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