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AFFU Witnessing Development Albeit Sports Ban


In the recent past, a lot has been happening at the American Football Federation of Uganda (AFFU), especially after a ban on sports activities and other gatherings was imposed by government as a Covid-19 preventive measure.

AFFU never ‘slept’ after sports activities came to a halt, but rather went digital, with the federation’s major executive members engaging in productive online meetings with other football fellows across the globe.

Recently, AFFU has been engaged in the inaugural Multi-national, multi federations Coaches/Officiators football clinics that have been running from June 6 and will wind down on August 22.

The clinic is organized by American Football For Africa Mission (AFFAM) in collaboration with International American Football Academy (IAFA) and is hosted by AFFAM founder and Board Chairman Amadi I. Chukwuemeka.

Early in June, the International Federation for American Football (IFAF) accepted the nomination of Steven George Okeng, President and Founder of AFFUto its Marketing and Commercial (M&C) Committee, a committee which is a key constituent of the IFAF planning, review and decision-making process.

In late June, AFFU announced that they will be joined by Ambra Marcucci, a Portuguese athlete, who will be volunteering to strengthen and develop the women’s football programme in Uganda.

This will fulfill AFFU’s intentions to develop the women’s football programme at a national level, as well as at the grassroots.

With major steps being taken the technical side of ‘things,’ AFFU is now hoping to swing back to the field in style, if the noose on sports activities and gatherings is loosened.

AFFU had lots of activities lined up but Covid-19 has been a damper on all their plans.
Many events in the AFFU calendar are still pending awaiting a possible return of sports.

This include; Inter-University try outs, Regions (5) Football Training Camp, Trevin Howard Football Camp 2020, National Schools Demonstrations (Selected Schools), National Coaches And Referees Training Camp, USA Football Training Clinic 2020, Joshua Akena Football Camp and IFAF Africa Coaches and Referees Clinic.

For now, AFFU keeps on adjusting this year’s calendar and have eyes set for a possible return in October with an exhibition match between the Uganda select side and that of Egypt.


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