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Lugogo Cricket Oval ‘Healing’ In Lockdown


Although sports faithful and the like are cursing the current ban on sports activities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that has put all crowd pulling gatherings and events to a halt, some stadiums are naturally regaining their former status that they had lost.

The Lugogo Cricket Oval is a testimony to this and with the recent rainfall, the home of cricket has healed since it has not hosted any event for about five months now.

The Jinja Road based turf is once again totally green and serene compared to it’s unpleasant sight six months ago.

You see, the Oval does not only host cricket but also other events like overnight prayers and music concerts, with some individuals using it as a venue for evening jogging and workouts.

Before lockdown was imposed by government, the Oval had hosted more music concerts and prayers combined than cricket itself. Majority of Cricket games and events were instead hosted at the University Oval in Kyambogo or at Entebbe Oval.

Between 16th – 21st December 2019, Lugogo Cricket Oval alongside Kyambogo Oval was to co-host the Africa Under 19 Girls Tournament.

However, the junior girls meet that was to be graced by hosts Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe was cancelled then for the surface of Lugogo oval was in terrible shape having hosted a music concert earlier on.

Just like Lugogo, other turfs too are healing as they have taken so long to host events.
However, some individuals are embarking on projects to improve on the state of their stadiums, manually.


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