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GAU Targets PTCs To Promote Gymnastics


The Gymnastics Association of Uganda (GAU) is currently targeting two important aspects of sport, that is; capacity building and grass roots development.

This, according to the GAU General Secretary, Alfred Odong will help get the game off the ground and propel it to greater heights.
Once the ban on sports, schools and related sectors is eased, GAU wants to partner with major PTCs (Primary Teachers Colleges) all over the country in a bid to strengthen the capacity building aspect of the game and also promote grassroots development.

“Gymnastics is taught in PTCs so partnering with them will be a good starting point for us in a bid to strengthen the aspect of capacity building,” Odong said.

“The teachers-to-be already have an idea about the game so once they go into active teaching, they can easily pass this knowledge to the pupils,” Odong noted adding that GAU will teach the student teachers the law about the game and competitive gymnastics.

GAU will give a technical hand in regard to this matter but Odong, just like other custodians of the gymnastics local governing body believes that targeting PTCs will create a systematic lineage of budding athletes and officials as well.

“In later stages, these student teachers will turn into coaches and judges which will be a huge plus for the game. This is a sport that can become their career in the future. Soon, they will appreciate the sport,” Odong added.

GAU is already in talks with relevant bodies and authorities to give them a green light in regard to the matter.

Going forward, GAU plans to take the game to the public through exhibitions and community outreach.

Just days before a lockdown was imposed in March this year, a demonstration was held at Kapchorwa Boma Grounds during the Tokyo 2020 Run. This was performed by players of Act Sports Club from Kumi.

“The performance was brief because of poor/rough surface. As a new association we are yet to acquire mats and an official training venue,” Odong noted.

After the Corona Virus scare, GAU will hold a national drive particularly where clubs are based, that is Kumi (Act Sports Club), Agago (Agago Sports club), Gulu (Gulu Sports), Kigezi (Kigezi sports club), Masindi (Masindi Little League) and Kampala (Women in sport and Kampala gymnastics club.)

GAU is also planning to hold a capacity building course once the noose on sports is loosened. The course will be facilitated by the FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics)


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