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Wokorach Looking Forward To Rugby League Resumption


Had it not been for the nation-wide ban on sports activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2019/2020 Rugby Premier League season would have come to a close in April or early May.

At the moment, each rugby league team still has five match days to wind down the season whose fate is still hanging in balance after sport was forced to grind to a halt due to the current situation.

Before sports events were called off as one of the measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Heathens were leading the 10-team table off 63 points, five ahead of second placed Kobs.

As the only perfect side in the league, Heathens, cup holders seemed to have had the title at their grasp something that has made their skipper and centre Michael Wokorach to crave for league resumption to finish off matters.

“We were close to winning the league with only five games to play. I am hoping that the league will resume so that we can finish our mission,” Wokorach said adding that retaining the league title is their main post-lockdown target.

Wokorach also revealed his side’s eagerness to get back to work but at the moment all players are conducting individual training.
“Personally, I am doing lots of training in isolation. I run about 10 Kilometers a day, do drills in the compound like push-ups, sit ups jumps and others. I also do indoor training and it is very effective,” Wokorach noted.

“Sport can resume after lockdown so we have to be ready for league games. My teams mates are preparing as well and we shall be hitting hard once again,” Wokorach added.

With Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) pondering on cancelling the league once again, Wokorach fears that if URU (Uganda Rugby Union) cancel the league, it will hurt the team and the fans.

However, with Uganda seemingly set to reinstate crowd pulling events like sports events, bars, schools, churches and the like, Wokorach is optimistic that competitive play will be reinstated.


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