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FUBA Maintains Sight On Grassroots Development


Just like any serious domestic sports federation, FUBA (Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations) as well is holding grassroots development as one of it’s priorities, alongside capacity building and the like.

Albeit the federation’s slow pace in regard to the matter, FUBA General Secretary, Hudson Ssegamwenge still maintains that grassroots development, alongside capacity building are some of their key priorities.

“Our main focus is to improve grassroots basketball. To make sure that we achieve this, the federation has streamlined and created solid partnerships and programs with basketball-playing primary and secondary schools,” Ssegamwenge said.
Following the expiration of the NBA Junior League, the event could not be held last year.

The League which is one of the main cornerstones of grassroots development in Uganda has been given another green light as a new contract has been signed to ensure that it’s reinstated.

According to Ssegamwenge, the strengthening of the Under 16 and Under 18 national teams is a good thing for the senior national teams as they are assured of continuity..

In regard to capacity building, the federation has taken necessary steps to ensure that human resource does not run out.

“We are very serious with capacity building for all the personnel involved in the sport,” he added.


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