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Makmot Voted Kyambogo Rugby Alumni Choice Athlete


Kyambogo University Rugby Alumni recently did a poll to decide the stand out player since rugby was started in the institution in 1998. Former Rugby Cranes scrum half Ivan Makmot emerged winner with 15 votes.

The voting was based on the player’s impact to the development of the game in the institution, longevity of the player and his general contribution to Kyambogo Rugby.
37 key rugby alumni cast their vote and this was the result: Makmot Ivan Kevin 15 votes, Kinene Anthony 8, Namuji Herbert  4, Leku Patrick 5, Otim Allan 4 and Alhaji Manano 1 vote.

Therefore, Makmot Ivan Kevin  who scored the highest number of votes is the alumni choice athlete for the stand out player since rugby was inaugurated at Kyambogo University 22 years ago.

Makmot played rugby up to national level and had stints with top tier sides like Kobs, Heathens, Black Pirates, Rhinos and Warriors, a side he also coached at one point.

Makmot also coached Kyambogo University team including other lower tier sides like Kololo SSS (Schools League) and Uganda University Sevens Team.

However, the role of the Kyambogo rugby alumni body is to bring the former rugby players, fans and other stakeholders together and provide a platform where rugby at Kyambogo can be fostered; it includes mobilizing funds for the team and sponsor it for some key engagements in the country.

Alumni and active students annually take it to the turf for a reunion showpiece. The last annual reunion rugby match happened last year in October and the Alumni team beat the current students 17 – 15. This year’s event is not yet confirmed because of the current ban on sports activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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