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Kobs: Asaba Nearing ‘All-round Flanker’ Status


Before sports was put on a halt as a Covid-19 preventive measure way back in March, Kobs flanker also team captain Brian Asaba had eight tries in the Rugby Premier League and is tied second on the try sheet radar alongside Heathens’ full back Joseph Oyet.

awrence Ssebuliba (Heathens) and Daudi Ssemwami (Kobs) are joint first with nine tries each.

Numbers aside, Asaba seems to have mastered the art of executing his role at both the blind side and the open side, but has carefully side-stepped the fate of being ruled by the “red mist!”

At the blind side, I call him a forager, looking to secure possession in the rucks and mauls, a destroyer in defence, disrupting the opposition with his aggressive tackling and “big hits,” but do not forget his support in the line outs.

At the open side, Asaba displays hard scrummage tactics with the props, but he is also the first at the open side breakdowns as well as being an option for 9 (scrumhalf) from a blindside back row move.

His hard drives in defence with the props to disrupt opponents’ scrums have also earned him a seat in the table of men.
Asaba’s ability to cover the opposing inside runner from their back row move as well as attacking their 10 (flyhalf) in order to cover the inside pass is one of the things a few flankers in the league have mastered.

Overall, constructive or destructive, one of Asaba’s reason for success is because of his ability to blend his role with the rest of the back row.

Asaba will hope to continue from where he stopped once the noose on sports is loosened and competitive play reinstated.


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