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Volleyball President Namanda Frustrated Over Delayed Sports Resumption


President Yoweri Museveni’s previous addresses in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Uganda saw more sectors being opened up after majority of them were put to a halt way back in March as a preventive measure to curb the virus.

Among others, Boda Boda business, arcades, saloons were some of the sectors to be allowed to resume operation but with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

However, the noose on events or places that attract crowds like sports events, churches, schools, bars and night clubs is still tight with other people predicting a dead year for some of these sectors.

Meanwhile, some of these sectors like sports had already adopted SOPs to be implemented in the post-lockdown era but sports federations/associations/unions are still guessing on when competitive play will be reinstated.

Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) President, Hadija Namanda whose federation had hoped for a September return is very frustrated with the long wait for sports resumption and the unclear future of sports.

“Athletes are getting desperate, they are disappointed that nothing is coming out; they want to know what can happen, even if the timeline is not tomorrow but just to prepare and reduce on the anxiety. People had bigger aspirations this year, they had trained and were generally prepared for the season,” a low-spirited Namanda noted.

Namanda adds that sports governing bodies had done their part in regard to formulating and adopting SOPs to be followed in the post-lockdown era.

“We had literally done our part,” Namanda added with hope that competitive play will be reinstated.

“Slowly by slowly, like other sectors were opened, I think we can also put up a good case regarding how we can run sports in these times,” Namanda noted.

In it’s efforts to bring sports back to life over a month ago, National Council of Sports (NCS) together with it’s 51 member associations started to formulate SOPs to guide member federations/ associations/unions on how to safely return to normalcy.

After their formulation, SOPs were then presented to the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Health and to the Covid-19 National Task Force, who had to weigh it’s credentials and determine if sport should be reinstated.

However, there has been no further developments seen or heard in regard to this matter.

However, reports indicate that President Museveni could reinstate sports activities this weekend when he addresses the nation on Sunday evening.
Sport might eventually return but without fans.


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