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DNSS Project Courses To Reignite Hockey In All Regions


Phase two of the DNSS (Development of National Structures and Systems) Project Courses came to a close this week at Sir Samuel Baker School in Gulu.

The second phase of the project involved training of local community members (mainly teachers) to take up coaching and umpiring of the sport. This is in line with UHA (Uganda Hockey Association) effort to build capacity, structures and also to spread the game to all the regions of the country.

The Gulu event that capped the second phase of the project was successful just like the ones that were held in Masaka (Central), Mbarara (Western) and Mbale (Eastern).

For the case of Gulu and the entire North, Sir Samuel Baker School (SSBS) used to be the hub of the game ever since the 70s. However, along the way the sport ‘died’ only to be rejuvenated around 2018. Meanwhile, the sport had again slowed down but the DNSS project has been a timely absolution to this issue.

SSBS Games and Sports Master Robert Ochakachon who was part of the courses says that the project will surely help the game sprout afresh in the school and the Northern Region at large.

“We actively have other sports like football but not hockey. We now hope to start hockey as soon as possible,” Ochakachon said.
Another participant Stella Pamella Akao, a teacher from Paicho SSS in Gulu is now hoping to pioneer the game in her school, just like Hillary Lubangakene of Trinity College Gulu, and others.

To aid in easy tracking of progress of the game in local communities, regional representatives were appointed/voted and they will act as a link between the project coordinators or Uganda Hockey and the participants/coaches or umpires. Regional representatives will also ensure continuity and growth of the game in their areas.

For Central, Ahaisibwe  Emmanuel was named cordinator, Bakunda Augustine was named Western cordinator, Mabinda Joseph was named Eastern cordinator while Opiro Jacob Farouk is Northern cordinator.

According to DNSS Leader UHA, Michael Nashimolo, schools and regional clubs (if any) will likely be supported with equipment especially those who will put what they learnt into practice. UHA will also continue visiting the areas to ensure continuity.
Some members of the media were also engaged in the entire project and this will improve on their knowledge of the game hence comprehensive reporting of the sport.

63 individuals took part in the second phase of the courses that is; 15 in Masaka, 10 in Mbarara, 20 in Mbale and 18 in Gulu.
The courses were part of the entire one-year DNSS project worth thirty-one thousand, five hundred (31,500) US Dollars, with the main objective to take hockey to all the regions (Western, Eastern, Northern and Central) of Uganda; as well as supporting in the development of national structures and systems.

For starters, DNSS project was granted to Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) by the Olympic Solidarity through the Uganda Olympic Committee to develop national structures and systems.

The first phase of the program was also a Coaching and Umpiring course though it was done online and had a much bigger enrollment.
The next phase of the DNSS project involves club leaders (Chairpersons and General Secretaries) workshop that will be held this October on 24th.


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