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UVF 2020 Development Project To Benefit From FIVB


Local volleyball governing body UVF (Uganda Volleyball Federation) will be receiving a court floor from international body FIVB.

FIVB Technical and Development Department on behalf of President Dr. Ary S. Graçe F approved Uganda’s 2020 Development Project that will see UVF receive court floor.

According to Inside Volleyball, Uganda through its president, Hadija Namanda requisitioned for a floor and it has been approved.

The agreement required both parties (FIVB and the National Federation) by each respective President, Hadija Namanda signed the agreement on behalf of Uganda Volleyball Federation.

The NF had ninety (90) days for agreement sign and return in order for the approved project to be eligible for support. In case the agreement wasn’t signed or returned, within 90 days the project would no longer be eligible for FIVB support.

FIVB continues to work in partnership with National Federations to achieve success for the joint project by conducting, monitoring, and reporting procedures, on top of this coordinating final audits which help capture the success and ensure good governance.

Volleyball International Net System as the development project of 2019 arrived in Uganda this year and the court floor is expected to arrive early next year.

“2019 the project we asked for was the net system, that one arrived this year, this year we requested for the floor which has been approved and I sent in the agreement last week, I believe we shall be having it in early January,” Namanda told sportsoceanuganda.com website.

The court floor which is the last piece to arrive in Uganda after the court system, will help uplifting the game in the Country. The beauty of the floor is that it’s rollable and can be set up anywhere were the court system is set.

“The priority will be the National teams to use the floor in training, holding International events like Zonal qualifiers and National league games like playoffs” Hadija Namanda said in another media interview.

“The court system and court floor will as well help in branding and marketing of the sport in the country and creating a good image since they are approved by FIVB,” Namanda added


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