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UVF Elections: Blick On Spotlight For Endorsing Nasiwu For Presidency

UVF Elections: Blick On Spotlight For Endorsing Nasiwu For Presidency
Sadik Nasiwu

UVF Elections: As various candidates reach out for votes ahead of the Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) Elective Congress set to take place on 31st January 2021 at UOC, Lugogo Sports Complex in Kampala, various developments keep coming up and could in one way or the other affect polls.

On Sunday, the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) via its Facebook page shared William Blick (UOC President) missive endorsing Presidential candidate Sadik Nasiwu for the top volleyball chair.

“I urge the volleyball fraternity to please vote for Sadik Nasiwu as President UVF. He is a trusted, reliable and hard-working person with a proven track record,” Blick’s missive read accompanied by the hashtag #Sadik4President

Nasiwu, an Internal Auditor at FIVB and Executive Member at Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) led the volleyball fraternity between 2008-2016, serving two terms. He will be seeking to bounce back to leadership and will be up against two-time candidate Eddie Okila and incumbent and his successor Hadijah Namada, who will be seeking a second term in office.

Despite Nasiwu’s “track record” and praise from his camp, many sports faithful (even outside volleyball) have blasted Blick for using the UOC platform to campaign for Nasiwu, urging that he should have at worst used his own platform or kept it a secret for the better of the game especially if results do not go his way.

“This is morally wrong Mr President! Are you speaking as UOC or an individual?” Uganda sports follower and stadia security guru Dickson ‘Bond’ Okello reacted to Blick’s missive.

William Blick
William Blick

“It’s a shame that you’re taking sides yet you’re supposed to be non-partisan. In addition, and wait for whoever voters wait to take office. I urge you to reconsider your message,” Patrick Yoacel noted on Facebook.

“This is really weird,” Express FC Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach Helen Koyokoyo Buteme, also Rugby Coach said.

Key members of the volleyball fraternity are yet to respond to the matter via the same platform but those in the “Mikasa Ball” corridors urge that though Nasiwu is one of the good candidates, Blick’s declaration means that UOC is already biased ahead of polls.

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However, the elective positions of UVF office bearers are as follows: 1. The President, 2. 1st Vice President, 3. 2nd Vice President, 4. General Secretary, 5. Assistant General Secretary, 6. Treasurer, 7. Club Representative (3) and 8. District Associations Representatives (3)


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