Home Hockey UHA Elections: Kyaligonza Boosts Of Organizational Experience

UHA Elections: Kyaligonza Boosts Of Organizational Experience

UHA Elections: Kyaligonza Boosts Of Organizational Experience
Daniel Kyaligonza is vying for the position of Organizing Secretary UHA

In 2018, Daniel Kyaligonza stood-in as an Organizing Secretary for the Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) when Saddam Hussein left the country for further studies.

Kyaligonza who is a committee member of the association also coordinated some media events together with UHA Publicity Secretary Joshua Opolot.

With UHA electing its new Executive Committee for the next four years on Saturday, 27th March 2021 at the UOC Complex in Lugogo, Kyaligonza who is a Rockets Hockey Club midfielder is in the mix among the candidates vying for the position of Organizing Secretary against Richard Ssemwogerere of Kampala Hockey Club.

Kyaligonza who has already had a stint in the same position believes that he’s the right man for that job.

“I have been a committee member and delivered in numerous aspects, I want to bring more organization to the game,” Kyaligonza said in an interview.

UHA Elections: Kyaligonza Boosts Of Organizational Experience
Daniel Kyaligonza (2nd right) has organized and coordinated many hockey events

“I want to revive competition in hockey mostly importantly the national league. A strong league and tournaments are the basis for quality players at the national team. I also plan to engage our regional counterparts to revive regional engagements at club level,” Kyaligonza added.

Kyaligonza revealed that the association faced a couple of challenges when he was a stand-in organizing secretary including a sports hiatus caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

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“The major problem was mainly interruptions into scheduled games and tournaments by other sports groups using the hockey pitch through NCS. We postponed very many games due to such. At one point to salvage the season, we had to schedule four games a day to reduce on the amount of games postponed, hence many players were injured. The national team not going to South Africa also greatly affected the morale of local clubs which affected the league. Some teams pulled out of the league. It was a tough time altogether but more of a  learning experience,” Kyaligonza noted.

Kyaligonza adds that the game seems to be getting rejuvenated especially after national sides recently attaining world ranking after thier participation at the FIH ratified test matches against their Kenyan counterparts.

Kyaligonza also headed the UHA Technical Committee.

UHA List of Candidates for Elective AGM

1. Lydia Gloria Dhamuzungu
2. Philip Wafula Mulindo

Vice Chairperson:
1. Joshua Opolot
2. Fatumah Namubiru
3. Michael Nashimolo

General Secretary:
1. Joseph Kamin
2. Stanley Tamale

1. Kenneth Tamale
2. Gerald Aquino Ssesaazi

Organizing Secretary:
1. Richard Ssemwogerere
2. Daniel Kyaligonza

Publicity Secretary:
1. Saddam Hussein
2. Moses Tushabe

Committee Members:
1. Innocent Raskara
2. Martin Okello
3. Bridget Baine.


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