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UHA Elections: Tamale Pledges To Commit To Hockey

Uganda hockey association elections -Tamale pledges to commit to hockey
Stanley Tamale. Courtesy Photo

Stanley Tamale is up against Joseph Kamin for the position of General Secretary of the Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) with the sport governing body set to vote for its new leaders in an elective AGM on Saturday, 27th March at the UOC Complex in Lugogo.

Tamale has been serving as Assistant General Secretary in the soon expiring regime and believes that he is the right man to replace Philip Wafula who is contesting for the position of Chairperson, against incumbent Lydia Gloria Dhamuzungu.

“I’m running on the theme of; Efficiently Productive Commitment to Uganda’s Hockey Growth EPC,” Tamale who subscribes to Kampala Hockey Club said in an interview.

Uganda hockey association elections -Tamale pledges to commit to hockey

Tamale who’s an umpire believes that the outgoing secretariat have fully implemented their mandate as constitutionally demanded but says that he can bring more to the association.

“Some of my plans for UHA include streamlining administration, effective service, establishment of a fully functional secretariat,” Tamale revealed.

Tamale believes that the major challenges affecting the game include; lack of adequate funding, lack of a full-time secretariat and offices, limited national team activity and unavailability of a strategic plan for guidance.

However, in the Chairperson race, familiar faces will be up against each other as incumbent Lydia Gloria Dhamuzungu comes up against Philip Wafula Mulindo.

Wafula is the current General Secretary of UHA and now wants head the local hockey governing body with Dhamuzungu seeking a re-election.

Both candidates are members of Weatherhead Hockey Club.

In the race for Vice Chairperson seat, incumbent Michael Nashimolo is facing opposition from UHA committee member Farida Namubiru and Publicity Secretary Joshua Opolot.

A total of 16 individuals are seeking elective positions. However all the three persons vying to becoming committee members (Innocent Raskara, Martin Okello and Bridget Baine) are unopposed.

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Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) List of Candidates for Elective AGM

1. Lydia Gloria Dhamuzungu
2. Philip Wafula Mulindo

Vice Chairperson:
1. Joshua Opolot
2. Fatumah Namubiru
3. Michael Nashimolo

General Secretary:
1. Joseph Kamin
2. Stanley Tamale

1. Kenneth Tamale
2. Gerald Aquino Ssesaazi

Organizing Secretary:
1. Richard Ssemwogerere
2. Daniel Kyaligonza

Publicity Secretary:
1. Saddam Hussein
2. Moses Tushabe

Committee Members:
1. Innocent Raskara
2. Martin Okello
3. Bridget Baine


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