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Arua Hill’s Rashid Kawawa destined for greatness

Kawawa (front) is one of the youngest players in the team. Arua Hill SC Photo

Rashid Kawawa is one of the youngest magnificent players that Arua Hill SC has on the squad, inspite of his age he has shown so much strength and vitality, devotion, steadfastness and regularity when given chance.

The 20 year old midfielder has equitable quantity of ingredients to achieve the projected milestone and if he continues showcasing such a strong character he’s never going to disappoint as he brings good game to the pitch, makes assists and has gone as far as scoring in a few games both in Stanbic Uganda Cup and StarTimes FUFA Big League this campaign.

Kawawa started against UPDF in Uganda Cup round of 32 and scored the opener in the 3-2 win. Recently he was the Leopards’ Messiah in league game when he came from bench in the 75th minute and scored brace to dismantle resilient Paidha Black Angels at the dreading Bar Okoro Stadium.

Blessed with excellent vision and passing range, creativity, technical skills and movement and ability to read the game, Kawawa is highly regarded for his ability to engineer attacking moves for his team with his distribution, provide assists to his teammates, which makes him an excellent playmaker and creator.

With his technical and tactical traits, he is considered by former  Arua Hill owner turned ardent fan Nasur Buga as the corner stone upon which the club could build its foundation. Buga who played the major role in both identifying, recruiting, and funding the transfer of Kawawa during his arrival as a teenager in 2017 from 4th Division side Oli Rising Stars has insisted the lad has so much more to offer.

“When we identified him in 2017, it was due to his ability to play both 8 and 10,” Buga told aruahillsc.ug

“He emerged MVP in Eid tournament amidst some of the best players in West Nile, talk of Gadinho, Gigi, Agau etc.

“He was very young, about 16 and I had to make the move happen amidst my fears of his age, the thoughts of transferring from playing Div 4 to Big League was frightening me but he never disappointed.

“We relied so much on him the previous seasons but this campaign is competitive with so many capable players around him, the playtime is limited,” Buga added.

“Of course it’s good for his developing because competition is healthy and he can now rest and recover since we over used him at tender age.

“Now he has been shifted to the flanks where apparently he is delivering well as a right winger,” he continued.

“He is so talented and I believe he has so much to offer the club. He is the cornerstone upon which the club can build its foundation,” Buga further declared.

“I see him leave behind unchallenged legacy by the time he is done with the team.” He concluded.

The head coach Hussein Mbalangu who played a huge role in influencing the renewing of Kawawa’s contract in November 2020 said the same about Kawawa’s potential but cautioned the hyperbole of young player of Kawawa’s age could be destructive in the long run.

“When I arrived, I consulted former coach Haruna Mawa and head of Junior Team Bosco Onama before requesting the club to renew his contract, they said he is young, good and talented” Mbalangu told aruahillsc.ug

“I remember when we called Kawawa, he had excuses of boots but we insisted he should find anything and immediately he appeared in the training ground, what we saw that day is talent,” he added.

“He is really good and the facts about him are manifesting but we should be careful because lifting him so high because of one great performance is unhealthy to his developing,” Mbalangu warned.

Mbalangu while admitting   Kawawa is on his way to greatness also explained reasons why he has diverted the playmaker to the wings, including how the seemingly limited playtime for the lad is rather key to his development.

“Under the former technical team, the philosophy of team differed from ours,” Mbalangu began explaining.

“Our philosophy requires intelligence, passing, creativity so we fill players according to their traits.

“In the preseason  friendly games Kawawa was playing in the middle, he was losing a lot of balls which isn’t allowed in our philosophy.

“So we had to test him in the wing and discovered he does well he has good speed he can cross and he has hard work element.

“Even around here we don’t have natural wingers who play in the wing, Baden is a striker who plays in the wing and so is Agau and  they are typical strikers cum wingers because we don’t have wingers.” He concluded.

The versatility of Kawawa even is a better mark of what he could potentially become. With views already foreseeing a great legacy he is likely to leave behind once he is done not only with Arua Hill but football. Mbalangu a subscriber to the same school of thought added, it’s even easier as the player is in right hands.

“Yes it’s true he’s becoming used with a philosophy and system, he knows the system his intelligent very creative not only him even Mugalu is good, Yakin is also good,

“I think we’re getting young boys who can help the team in the near future I think they need to be patient because they’re in a better hand and we know what we’re doing, we know how to groom them, we know how to use senior players and young players and how and when to field them.

“Kawawa has a better future because the club intends to transact with overseas teams so as to give them professional platform.”

Kawawa is primarily an attacking midfielder capable of playing as a central midfielder in a 4-3-3 formation. His favoured position is in a free role in the centre of the pitch as an attacking midfielder hehind the forwards. He is tactically intelligent and versatile player and can even play as a winger in 4-2-3-1 formation when a team is defending and 4-1-4-1 formation when attacking.

His records speak clearly as he has 12 goals and 13 assists attached to his name since his arrival four years ago.


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