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Big League: Arua Hill’s Mbalangu anticipates tough second round

Mbalangu (middle) conducting a training session recently. Arua Hill SC Photo

Arua Hill SC head coach Hussein Mbalangu had his second training recently with his team and predicted a tough second round up ahead, in which the West Nile side aspires to emerge best side to attain promotion.

“The second round is going to be very tough,” aruahillsc.ug quoted Mbalangu this week after the training session.

Mbalangu explained his reasons for foreshadowing a laborious final round.

“Remember when playing first round, even if you lose you know there is chance to amend in the second round and once you lose in the second round, the chance is gone.”

Seven teams represent a challenge against the Leopards in the final round, the 42 year old said listing teams such as Kataka FC, Blacks Power, Paidha B.A, Maroons FC, Calvary FC, Mbale Heroes and Gaddafi FC.

Arua Hill SC has beaten four and drawn with three. With the largely positive results as Mbalangu admits, he still emphasizes the key to make the results more attractive is doubling effort, explaining that unlike previously, every game is now going to be more than a finals.

“So we shall be more serious and double our efforts in preparing for the second round because we’ve been playing every game as a final but this time, when it resumes it will be more than finals.

“It will be something else because you don’t want to lose any point if you want to top the group and have safe qualification.” He added.


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