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President Museveni orders ban on sports activities

Left-handed golfer Gloria Mbaguta in action during the Entebbe Ladies Open last year

In his address to the nation on the way forward to curb the surging rise in Covid-19 infections and deaths, President Yoweri Museveni among others announced a ban of sports activities with immediate effect.

“The churches, mosques, and sports sessions are congregating settings and are a source that fuels rapid virus transmission. All places of worship and sports events remain suspended for 42 days,” Museveni said in his addressed that was live on all TVs and radios.

This development comes at a time when some Ugandan athletes are preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics slated for 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.

The first ban on sports activities was done in March last year and was lifted six months later.

Some local competitions like football, golf, basketball, hockey, rugby had returned while other sports disciplines are yet to reinstate comepetitive play ever since last year’s ban.

Summary of new Covid-19 measures:

*Ban on public and private transport restored: Only cargo vehicles can move with a maximum of two people.

*Entebbe Airport will remain open.
Markets remain open but vendors urged to camp in markets for 42 days.

*Bodabodas barred from carrying passengers save for sick people with letters from local council authorities. Boda Bodas can only move up to 5pm.

*Essential sectors that may continue working: Security companies, Medical workers, vet doctors, Utility service providers like mass media, water, electricity etc

*Broad sectors to remain open: Agriculture, Industries, Tourism, Cargo transport, health and medical services.

*Retail shops remain operational until 7pm.

*7pm-5am curfew introduced.

*Leisure hubs like bars, betting centres, casinos, beaches, gyms closed.

*Burials restricted to a maximum of 20 people.

*Sporting and gaming activities suspended for 42 days.

*Restaurants/hotels remain open.
Political and public gatherings still prohibited.

*Factories and construction sites stay open with an option for camping.

*Re-opening of learning institutions deferred until after 42 days.

*Prayer & worship hubs remain closed for 42 days.

*Shopping malls and shopping centres like Kikuubo closed for 42 days.

*Mandatory wearing of masks in public space.

*Keep a social distance of at least 2metres.

*All measures stay in place for 42 days.

*All disciplines that remain open must observe government mandated-SOPs.

*Office of the Prime Minister to map out special interest groups in need of relief.

*All measures last 42 days until the situation is reviewed.


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