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Confederation of African Football sets date for start of 2021/22 season

Confederation of African Football

With the Ugandan 2020/21 season currently on halt, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced the dates for the start of the next campaign.

CAF issued an official statement on Tuesday, June 21 announcing that the new season of club competitions will start on September 10.

This is the date for the first preliminary round of both the Champions League and Confederation Cup.

The group stage is expected to start in February 2022.

The rule of five substitutions has been extended for the 2021/2022 season, and each club will be allowed to register 40 players instead of 30 as usual, and 9 players will be on the bench instead of 7, which is the usual number.

Player registration in the CAF CMS Registration Base has also been extended to August 15, 2021.

With the past season yet to be concluded in Uganda, it remains to be seen who will represent the nation in the Champions League and Confederations Cup.

The winner of the league represents Uganda in the Champions League while the Cup winner takes the slot in the Confederations cup.

It is understood that FUFA is hoping to complete the season before submitting the representative to the Confederation of African Football.

The schedule for the next season is as follows:

-First Preliminary Round (Home/Away) September 10-12 / September 17-19, 2021

-Second Preliminary Round (H) 15-17 October / 22-24 October 2021

-Confederation Cup, Second Extra Preliminary Round (H/H) November 26-28, December 3-5 2021

-Group Stage First Round: 11-13 February 2022

-Group Stage, Round Two: February 18-20, 2022

-Group Stage Round Three: 25-27 February 2022

-Group Stage Fourth Round: 11-13 March 2022

-Group Stage Fifth Round: 18-20 March 2022

-Group Stage Sixth Round: 1-3 April 2022

-Quarter-finals (H/A) 15-17 April 2022 / 22-24 April 2022

-Semi-finals (H/A) May 6-8 2022 / May 13-15 2022

-Final: To be decided from May 22-29, 2022


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