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Gaddafi FC unveil home kit ahead of new season

Left to right Kaye Khamadi (CEO Kaye Sports center), Mukembo Paul (CEO Gaddafi FC) Odur Jacob (Vice Chairman Gaddafi FC) and Kimera Richard (Head of marketing)

Uganda Premier League (UPL) side Gadaffi FC on Monday, 20th September unveiled their home kit/jersey to be used in the forthcoming 2021/2022 football season.

The green well knitted and designed kit was revealed to media at the club headquarters on Narambhai Road in Jinja City.

The jersey is endowed with a Gaddafi logo on the upper left side and a jersey number on the opposite side. The back side has a number in the middle and an artistically crafted tagline “the soldier boyz” at the bottom. The kit will be accompanied by purely white shorts with a Gaddafi logo.

Speaking at the unveiling, the Club Vice Chairman Jacob Odur believes the unveiling has been long overdue.

“We are delighted to officially show our fans and all stakeholders our home kit. This is something our people have constantly been requesting from us and we are glad to have delivered. Our home kit is green in color because that is our primary color,” Odur said via the club’s press release.

According to Club CEO Paul Mukembo, the jerseys will go for UGX 35,000 and can be got at the Club’s headquarters at Narambhai Road or through the official agent, Kaye sports center.

In an interview with Gaddafi media, the CEO Kaye Sports Center, Khamadi Kaye promises to work with other outlets to make sure the jersey is available to all.

“I want to thank Gaddafi management for partnering with Kaye sports center to serve our fans. I think we are well positioned to deliver because we have links to other stores for quick and vast distribution,” Kaye said.

Gadaffi will be making their top tier debut in the forth coming season after earning promotion during the FUFA Big League promotional playoffs following their triumph over Proline FC.

*Credit: Gaddafi FC media.


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