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Guinness 7s: Kobs, Pirates, Heathens dominate group stage of Mileke Circuit

Kobs star Justin Kimono aims to touch down in one of the group stage games held on Saturday. Mileke 7s Photo

Guinness 7s – 2021
*1st Leg (Mileke 7s) : 2nd & 3rd October @Legends

Quarterfinals Draw
Sunday, October 3
*Kobs Vs Mongers
*Heathens Vs Impis
*Buffaloes Vs Warriors
*Pirates Vs Hippos

National Rugby Sevens Series title holders Kobs and former champions Black Pirates, plus Heathens proved to be the most clinical sides during the opening circuit of the Guinness 7s dubbed Mileke 7s that kicked off on Saturday, 2nd October at Legends Grounds in Kampala.

The three sides posted the most impressive wins on the day ahead of the circuit finale slated for today, Sunday, 3rd October where sides who made it to the quarter finals will vie to win the opening leg of the campaign.

In their Pool A clashes, Kobs dominated all their rivals beating Mongers development side Jjengo 55-00 in their first clash. They later beat Rams 24-07 and later condemned circuit hosts Warriors to a 46-00 defeat in the final group stage game.

Kobs will face Entebbe based Mongers in the first main cup quarter final on Sunday morning.

For Pirates, the Bweyogerere based outfit didn’t concede a point through the group stage, beating Jaguars (46-00), Sailors (45-00) and Impis (00:29) in the process.

Pirates will face Jinja Hippos in the final quarter final of the day. Hippos won one, lost one and one of their matches on Saturday.

The other quarter final matches will be between Heathens against Impis while Buffaloes will come up against Warriors in the other quarter final.

However, Heathens also put in a good show on Saturday, winning all their games. They beat Pacers (66-00), Rhinos (41-00) and Hippos (12:17).

However, sides who didn’t make it to the quarters will compete in classification matches.

After the Mileke Circuit, the next leg of the Guinness 7s (Northern Circuit) will be played in Gulu and hosted by Elephants, a local outfit.

Mileke 7s Group Stage Results:

Round 1:
Mongers 38-00 Stallions
Buffaloes 36-05 Rams 2
Impis 26-05 Saliors
Pirates 46-00 Jaguars
Warriors 10-00 Rams
Kobs 55-00 Jjengo
Hippos 19-19Rhinos
Heathens 66-00 Pacers

Round 2:
Mongers 19-05 Rams 2
Buffaloes 27- 05 Stallions
Hippos 34:00 Pacers
Heathens 41-00 Rhinos
Impis 19- 17 Jaguars
Pirates 45-00 Sailors
Warriors 36-05 Jjengo
Kobs 24-07 Rams

Round 3
Mongers 05:24 Buffaloes
Stallions 17:07 Rams 2
Hippos 12:17 Heathens
Rhinos 52:00 Pacers
Impis 00:29 Pirates
Sailors 14: 10 Jaguars
Warriors 00:56 Kobs
Rams 31: 07 Jjengo

Guinness 7s – 2021 schedule.

1st Leg : 2nd & 3rd October           Warriors/Legends (Central Circuit)

2nd Leg: 9th October                     Gulu Elephants/ Gulu grounds (Northern Circuit)

3rd Leg: 16th October                   Soroti Rangers/ Soroti grounds (Eastern Circuit)

4th Leg: 30th&31st October          Black pirates/ King’s Park (Central Circuit)

5th Leg: 6th November                  Rams RFC/ Kabale Stadium (Western Circuit)

6th Leg: 13th&14th November      BSO/Legends (Central Circuit)


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