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Bankers Sports Gala launched, to be held virtually

Dr. Tumubweine Twinemanzi (3rd right), the Executive Director of the Bank Supervision Directorate of the Bank of Uganda was the chief guest at the launch

The 2021 Bankers Sports Gala will be held virtually due to the Covid-19 situation that has been a damper to various aspects of life. This was confirmed on Thursday, 7th October at the event’s launch at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

The gala, marking its 21st staging is organized by Beyond sports Organisation alongside Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (UIBFS) and Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) under the theme “Fitness, Wellness
& Lifestyle”.

The Sports Gala is a grand sporting, networking & social event that draws participation from employees of supervised and licensed financial institutions including Bank of Uganda (BOU) and its major objective is to foster relaxation of body & mind, provide forum for fitness, education, fun and entertainment for participants.

Dr  Tumubweine Twinemanzi, Executive Director of the Bank Supervision Directorate of the Bank of Uganda was the chief guest at the launch.

“The annual bankers’ gala is a platform where bankers associate and make decisions that help them. The initiative should be carried on because of the visible fruits,” Dr  Tumubweine Twinemanzi said.

The gala proper will intensify on Sunday, 24th October and all activities will be virtual. This will comprise of mind sports notably; freestyling fitness activity video challenge, chess and online quiz.

On Sunday, 31st October, this year’s do will be capped by a virtual run and an awards gala. The finale will happen on World Savings Day and will involve financial literacy awareness, virtual run involving bank and financial institutions staff, family and customers, sports gala awards and launch of the Banking and Financial Services Awareness Month.

Gorretti Masede, the CEO Uganda Institute of Bankers and Financial Institutions said that they want the activities of this year’s virtual bankers’ gala like the 21 day’s step activity to be a routine in the lives of many bankers.

The sports gala now has an aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aimed at collectively giving back to and gaining goodwill of the public.

This years’ chosen CSR activity is financial literacy, which speaks well to the need for everyone to use financial knowledge, and resources to adapt to the new normal brought about by the COVID – 19 pandemic and be able to make right financial decisions.
This knowledge shall be disseminated through the Banking and Financial Services Awareness month activities focusing on promoting financial literacy and awareness among the population.

In addition, the awareness month shall connect the providers and users of Banking Products & Services i.e. Bankers, Insurers, Accountants, Regulatory Agencies with the users of those products and services.

This year, the program commence with fitness/sports activities on 08th October 2021 as part of
the build up to the awareness month grand event running up to 30th November 2021.

The 2020 edition wasn’t held due to Covid-19 disruptions.

Royal Blues (dfcu Bank team) won gold in the 2019 edition after amassing 220 points across all the sports disciplines. Cente (Centenary bank) came second while AutoBank (Stanbic Bank) finished third.

2021 Virtual Bankers Sports Gala schedule.

1. CEO Run/Walk to launch the Sports Gala starting at Serena Hotel, Kampala – 07thOctober 2021

2. 24 days Bankers Fitness Challenge ( Participant to cover minimum 3.8kms approx..5000 steps per day) – 08th – 31st October 2021

3. Virtual Games – Sunday, 24th
October 2021
Mind Sports to include, Free Styling fitness activity video challenge, Chess and Online Quiz

4. Virtual Run and Sports Gala Awards – Sunday, 31st October 2021 ( World Savings Day).
Financial literacy awareness Virtual run involving bank & financial institutions staff, family
members, customers, Sports Gala Awards and Launch of the Banking & Financial Services Awareness Month.


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