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Aredo on why Kobs Shine Brightest in the Guinness 7s

Kobs hoisted the third circuit trophy of the series last weekend in Soroti

With three out of six circuits of the Guinness 7s played, Kobs lead the table with 66 points, 11 ahead of second placed Black Pirates and 13 ahead of third placed Heathens.

Kobs are also unbeaten in all the stages of the circuits of the series, subjecting everyone to a bridesmaids role as they continue to Shine Brightest in each and every outing.

According to Kobs Captain Joseph Aredo, his side’s dominance in the series is no coincidence for their executions are well planned and everyone in the team knows their task.

“We worked on our set pieces, we worked on our kickoffs, line outs and the scrums,” Aredo said after the previous circuit held in Soroti City adding that; “kickoff is our winning formula and we shall stick to it.”

    Kobs Captain Joseph Aredo hoists the MVP gong during the opening circuit of the series held in Kampala

Kobs beat Heathens 14-00 in the finals of the previous circuit held in Soroti. Earlier on, they had beaten Black Pirates in the finals of two straight circuits held in Kampala and Gulu respectively.

Albeit their dominance, Aredo says that Kobs’ rivals especially in the finals have been good hence it’s to early to celebrate.

“I don’t believe we have done enough to win the series yet, anything can happen. So, we’re going to play our best in the remaining circuits,” Aredo said adding that first time tackles and proper game management is key if they’re to have an easy time in the remaining circuits.

However, according to Uganda Rugby Union (URU), the Guinness 7s will take a two-week break meaning that there will be a break in the weeknd of 23rd October and 30th October 2021. Initially, there was meant to be just one break, slated for this weekend.

Action in the previous circuit of the series held in Soroti. The games will resume next month

The series will resume on 6/7th November with Rujumba7s and the rest of the circuits will continue in subsequent dates.

Guinness 7s – 2021 new-look schedule.
*1st Leg : 2nd & 3rd October. Warriors/Legends (Central Circuit). Winners: Kobs
*2nd Leg: 9th October. Gulu Elephants/Gulu grounds (Northern Circuit). Winners: Kobs
*3rd Leg: 16th October. Soroti. Rangers/ Soroti Stadium (Eastern Circuit)
*4th Leg: 6th/7th November. Black pirates/ King’s Park (Central Circuit)
*5th Leg: 13th November. Rams RFC/ Kabale Stadium (Western Circuit)
*6th Leg: 20th/21st November. BSO/Legends (Central Circuit).


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